Why do some cars have the Gas Tank Door on the Left and others on the Right?

On many cars produced by European, American or Asian manufacturers, the fuel tank hatch can be located on the left or right side of the car. Often changing to new cars, it is difficult for us to remember which side the tank is on, therefore, specially on the dashboard, there is an icon with a gas station and a small arrow that indicates the location of the fuel filler. Let’s talk in more detail about why some cars have the filler neck of the gas tank on the left, and others on the right.

Typical mistake is to figure out which side is gas tank

Lack of uniform standard

There is no single standard for the location of the fuel filler neck, so automakers are free to choose which side the gas tank hatch will be on in their cars. To somewhat facilitate orientation for drivers with the location of the fuel filler neck, it is placed in the direction of travel. Accordingly, in European cars, the filler neck of the tank is on the right, and for cars that are intended for the Asian market, on the left.

This is primarily due to safety issues, if for some reason the driver needs to add fuel to the tank from the canister, then he will carry out such work from the side of the roadside, eliminating the spillage of fuel on cars passing on the road. Also, such an arrangement of the fuel filler neck prevents gasoline vapors from entering the car interior at the gas station, since the driver’s door will be as far as possible from the hose and gas tank.

Safety requirements

According to the rules, officially new cars are sold in Europe, in which the fuel tank hatch is located on the right side. Therefore, in the EU, it is easier for drivers to navigate and practically do not need to remember on which side fuel filler neck is located. Whereas in America they often do not adhere to such strict standards, especially since there are many Japanese cars on the market in the States, in which, even in export versions, the fuel filler neck of the tank can be located on the left.

In rare cases, the location of the fuel filler neck of the gas tank will depend on the design features of a particular vehicle. For some models, it is easier to remove a neck on the left or right, optimally positioning the gas tank and thereby ensuring its maximum capacity. This is typical for SUVs and all-wheel drive station wagons, where, due to the large-sized rear-wheel drive, it is sometimes difficult to correctly route the fuel line from one side of the body, so you have to locate the filler neck from the atypical side.

How to find out where the neck of the gas tank is without leaving the car

Location of the fuel tank door

It is often difficult for drivers to remember which side of their vehicle the filler neck is on. In particular, such problems are faced by those car owners who have just changed their car or are obliged to drive work cars due to the nature of their service. As a result, in order not to waste time at the gas station and accidentally queue up in the wrong column, you can easily find out on which side the filler neck is located.

Near the speedometer, you can see a gauge that shows the amount of fuel in the tank. Next to it there is a small pictogram with the image of a filler pump, and then there is a small arrow pointing to the left or right. Where such an arrow points, the gas tank is located on the other side.

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