Which silent blocks/ car bushing are better – polyurethane or rubber?

Silent block/ car bushing – a part that connects parts of the suspension and dampens vibrations. Consists of two metal bushings and a rubber or polyurethane insert. Usually car owners are doubts about what is better – polyurethane or rubber silent blocks?

Let’s compare polyurethane and rubber bushing

Polyurethane products make the suspension stiffer, which makes the car feel good on the road. Rubber bushings are cheaper and softer on the go. Each type of silent blocks has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before deciding which silent blocks are best to install, consider the advantages and disadvantages of a product made of polyurethane and rubber.

Polyurethane silent blocks pros and cons

Polyurethane silent block


  • Polyurethane bushings are harder than rubber bushings, which means they provide a stiffer suspension and better handling on the road.
  • They are easier to tolerate sudden temperature changes – they do not dry out or crack.
  • Polyurethane silent blocks retain elasticity under heavy loads and have a high durability.
  • Easier to install.


  • Much higher price than rubber bushings.
  • Shorter service life at low temperatures, since they are already harder than rubber ones.
  • Polyurethane silent blocks increase the stiffness of the ride, which is not suitable for everyone.
  • Can lead to increased wear and tear of other parts if their installation is not designed by the manufacturer.
  • Need periodic re-grease.
  • Can course more noise due to higher suspension stiffness.

Despite the disadvantages, polyurethane bushings are chosen precisely to make the suspension of the car more rigid. 

Rubber silent blocks pros and cons

Rubber silent blocks


  • Usually rubber silent blocks are installed already from the factory and require periodic and timely replacement.
  • The cost of rubber bushings can be two times less than polyurethane.
  • Rubber silent blocks are more comfortable to ride because they work softer.
  • Do not need periodic lubrication


  • The service life of rubber bushings is short – they dry out and crack.
  • They are afraid of prolonged frosts, they are often destroyed by sudden changes in temperature.
  • They quickly fail upon contact with reagents poured onto the road in winter.
  • With prolonged use, the rubber options gradually soften and the machine begins to be less controlled.
  • Usually need press to reinstall

Such joints are suitable for those who like a smooth ride, and the service life of the levers and ball joints is increased due to the elasticity of the rubber silent blocks.

So, which silent blocks are better?

Some drivers claim that there is no difference between polyurethane and rubber silent blocks. It all depends on the operating conditions of the car. If the car is not used in a hard conditions or sport driving – rubber silent blocks are better. It makes sense to install polyurethane silent blocks if you want to achieve greater control and suspension stiffness. However an incorrect installation of polyurethane bushings can cose additional problems.

Someone faced such problem as “silent blocks creaks in the cold”. This is not only a problem with polyurethane bushings, rubber ones also suffer from this. 

When replacing suspension parts, many car owners are not sure which manufacturers’ silent blocks are better. There is an opinion that it is better to install original silent blocks, motivating that the manufacturer knows better.

In general, most people think that polyurethane bushings are more reliable and better than rubber ones. But some car owners claim that they are only suitable for cars with a rigid suspension that only travels on flat roads.

It is better to buy trusted brands and avoid buying questionable spare parts in the aftermarket. Also do not install used silent blocks. Usually, both sides of the suspension need to be replaced even if only one bushings is worn out, as replacing only one can affect the handling and comfort of the suspension.

Top silent blocks/ car bushing manufacturers

The most reliable are European and Asian products. Depending on the brand, you can choose high-quality rubber and polyurethane car bushings that will last a long time. Which manufacturers of silent blocks are better can be seen in the table below, there are collected TOP 5 according to the reviews of car owners.

ManufacturerCountryMain advantage
1LemforderGermanyLong service life, durable polyurethane and rubber
2FebiGermanyHigh-quality depreciation, optimal prices for silent blocks
3CTRSouth KoreaMid-price segment, specializing in the manufacture of durable polyurethane silencers
4RBITaiwanThere are many rubber products, low cost, high market demand
5MOOGUSAGood quality and wide range of spare parts, 3-year warranty

Which brend of silent blocks to choose is up to you. If the budget allows, it is better to take more expensive German or Taiwanese-made options. 

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