When and why your Car need Computer Diagnostic

Computer diagnostics of a car is a process in which reading trouble codes on the main systems, erasing these codes and their subsequent correction can be done. Dealer scanners, car diagnostic tools and other systems are used for computer diagnostic. Modern car diagnostic tools and software allow you to read and detect the slightest changes in the operation of engine control systems, transmission, electronics and others.

As a rule, computer diagnostics for car are carried out when the system diagnoses malfunctions and error icons light up or when the driver himself notes the incorrect operation of certain systems. You need to do computer diagnostics at least once a year to keep your car in good condition.


A complex car scanner with serious software is connected to the on-board diagnostic systems through diagnostic connectors, which reads all the codes transmitted by the car. The received codes are decrypted by specialists using special programs, and based on the information received, a conclusion is made about the presence of certain failures or malfunctions.

Computer diagnostics for car can be divided into few stages:

Suspension Diagnostics

It is required when detecting uneven wear of rubber, knocking / hum during sharp turns or when driving at constant speed, on rough roads. Also, if a demolition of the rear or front axle is observed during sharp turns, ABC is prematurely triggered or an increase in the free play of the steering wheel is noted.

Computer diagnostics of the engine

It is carried out if the engine is warming up for a long time, fuel consumption has increased, the engine is unstable or starts up poorly, has lost power, there are extraneous noise, idle speed is lowered / increased. During diagnosis, the following is checked: injection system, power supply, measured compression.

Computer diagnostics of automatic transmission

Should be carried out if one of the gears does not start, there are noticeable jerks, noises or slippage when shifting gears, fuel consumption is increased, oil leakage is noted. During diagnosis, error codes of the automatic transmission control unit are read, the readings of the sensors for the temperature of the working fluid and the position of the throttle valve, as well as the position of the selector lever, are evaluated.

If we compare computer diagnostics with traditional, the first can be considered as the pinnacle of diagnostic technology, because it allows you to detect almost all the malfunctions and does not require much time and effort.