What is the smallest car in the world?

In London, near the “Believe It Or Not!” museum recently parked a car, which immediately became an interesting exhibit in the eyes of passers-by! Peel 50 is considered the smallest car in the world. The length does not exceed 139 cm, the width is 99 cm, and its weight is only 59 kg. The best option for parking and eternal city traffic jams. The first 50 cars were produced by Manx Peel Engineering Company back in the 60s, and cost 200£ each.

Today, the remaining “babies” have already reached £ 50,000 in value.

The car is designed for one person with a little luggage. The speed is small. There is only one windshield wiper, one headlight and a one door. 

Three wheels with a scheme two in front, one at the rear makes the car stable. Many people call the Peel 50 “tricycle”, but this is a real car.

Due to its amusing appearance, the Peel 50 was never able to enter the mass sales, because the mere appearance of a small car did not cause anything more than curiosity and tenderness. Now this smallest car ever made is completing the museum collection in London.

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