What is a winch for a Jeep?

Anyone who uses their jeep for constant off-road knows the importance of having a winch.

Winch on jeep is used so that the car can get out of a deep puddle, as well as to help pull someone who is stuck on the track.

Those who often use a Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee, Rubicon or other SUV need to have a winch mounted on a vehicle. Its presence will allow you to constantly feel peace of mind, knowing that if the Jeep is in an unpleasant situation, there will always be an opportunity to solve this problem.

A winch is an important safety accessory that can be easily connected to a jeep. Most models only need to remove a few screws and attach it to a power source. Other comes as bumper with winch for jeep.

But a winch can only be useful when it is in proper working condition. Therefore, you need to know about the problems that may arise during operation and how to fix them.

Problems and malfunctions of a jeep winch

If the jeep winch motor operates in only one direction, the solenoid valve or a stuck solenoid may be malfunctioning. To resume normal operation, the solenoid should be shaken and the contacts released.

The winch mechanism may heat up. This is usually caused by overuse. When the jeep winch works for a long period of time, you need to take breaks to cool it down. 

A slow engine or low power output may indicate a weak battery. To fix this, you need to check the voltage at the battery. If a voltage of ten volts or less is observed, replace the battery. You should also check the connection; this is another reason for the low power output. Pay attention to corrosion on the battery wires. If it is present, then clean it with special tools. And the last reason may be an insufficient charging system. If so, it is necessary to replace the existing alternator with a larger charging capacity.

The winch motor may not work due to a malfunctioning or stuck solenoid. To repair this, loosen the solenoid to release the contacts. You can test each solenoid with a 12 volt connection to the coil; if it works correctly, you will hear a sound crackle. If the engine still does not work properly, then it is faulty.

Winches can be a life-saving accessory for off-road enthusiasts. Just like any other part of the jeep, all details of the mechanism should be regularly checked and tested to make sure that it is in good working condition.

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