Volkswagen Golf 7: What 2015 Brings to the Table

With better performance, more cargo space and plenty to keep the passengers entertained while you travel from point A to point B. The 2015 Volkswagen Golf 7 is making its mark on the vehicle market. This vehicle not only is available in three-door or five-door models, but it also provides a great fuel economy. It shows up competitors in its area of the market in new and surprising ways, drawing in consumers in droves.

2015 Volkswagen Golf (16)

The 2015 Golf 7 is a pioneer, having the honor of being the first Volkswagen to be built on the MQB platform. This allows a lot more cargo room for storage and a lot more space for the passengers, increasing comfort levels for all. The platform is an advanced version of previous platforms used, and its significant improvements on technology make for a great competitor in today’s market.


2015 Volkswagen Golf (1)
The Volkswagen Group MQB platform

This compact car is front-wheel drive and has independent wheel suspension and multilink rear suspension, with power-assisted vented front and power-assisted disc rear brakes, upping the safety standard. This is a reassurance for some consumers who hesitate to purchase a compact car. The Golf 7 makes up for its compact size with big advances in safety measures and comfort for the passengers who regularly travel within its frame. 

The MQB platform makes the process of creating a Golf more economically friendly. This translates to a lower price tag for the consumer as well. Meanwhile, the Golf is lighter and stronger, which means good things for performance.

2015 Volkswagen Golf (24)

The 5.8-inch digital display provides not only Bluetooth connectivity and the increase in size of the various buttons when it senses your hand approaching the screen, but it also provides important information about the car, like tire pressure.

When it comes to cargo space, it is common to wish you had more. In the case of the Golf, that is possible. If you need more space, the floor of the cargo area can be lowered as much as nine centimeters.

2015 Volkswagen Golf (3)

Another great feature of the Golf is its availability with a manual transmission. This is a great way to ensure better control of your shifting and face less issues in inclement weather. 

The Bi-Xenon Headlights with AFS are a great safety feature as well, since they turn corners as much as 13 degrees before the car actually makes the turn. They are also brighter than regular bulbs used by competitors, providing you the clearest vision on the road. 

Meanwhile, the high beams dim for you automatically at the appearance of oncoming traffic, the brakes include a feature that activates them after an accident occurs to help prevent a collision involving multiple vehicles and power-adjusted, heated mirrors and a panorama tilt sunroof, this vehicle is one you can not afford to let get away.

Consumers in search of a great compact car with a manual transmission, efficiency and safety standards of the highest level and an appealing venture in the infotainment area of car manufacture will find nothing to take issue with when considering a 2015 Golf.

Photo gallery of new 2015 VW Golf  7


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