Using A High Lift Jack For Off-Road Recovery

This video demonstrates the various applications of a high lift jack for off-road recovery. These tools are particularly useful for rugged off-road vehicles with bullbars, but can also be used for more modern cars. The video gives important demonstrations relating to the proper set up of a high lift jack, as well as its proper and safe use.

The video also highlights the use of a range of different high lift jacks and their different applications on a range of vehicles. It exhibits a number of different lifts that are possible with this essential tool, noting the usefulness of different lifts for various vehicles and their application in numerous emergency situations.

In addition to more traditional lifts, the video gives some real insight into what to do when stuck without the proper tools for the recovery and offers some great alternatives. By combining the high lift jack with various other tools and materials this video shows you how to think on your feet and find come up with creative solutions to various off-road recovery situations. While demonstrating all of these techniques, the video highlights some of the safety issues involved and suggests ways to stay safe. It also highlights some of the important “dos and don’ts” of using the high lift jack.

This is a great instructional video that is an absolute must-watch for anyone into off-roading, vehicle recovery, or do-it-yourself work of any kind, as it draws attention to the importance of knowing your tools and keeping your wits about you.


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