Toyota presented new RAV4 Hybrid version

Toyota presented in New York updated crossover RAV4 in the hybrid version — for the first time in the history of this model.

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The updated Toyota RAV4 2015 crossover underwent some changes in appearance, and also received hybrid version. Appearance of headlights and tail lights changed (in both cases the optics can be LED), radiator enclosures, front and rear bumpers. The car received new design of rims, and also three new colors of a body.

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Interior design essentially didn’t change — only the dashboard with the 4,2-inch TFT display was updated. But Toyota declares that improved a noise isolation, made interior better on materials, various on flowers of finishing, and also more advanced on equipment.


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The new hybrid of RAV4 is equipped with Bird’s Eye View Monitor system. Four external chambers give to the driver the “live” picture of everything that is located near car perimeter, facilitates maneuvering and a parking.

toyota rav4 hybrid 2015 Bird's Eye View Monitor system


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The complex of security systems under the general name Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) including cruise control with possibility of automatic braking, function of the warning of departure from a strip and about obstacles in front and behind, the automatic light switch (near / far), and also protection from accidents with pedestrians became one more innovation.


Details about hybrid version aren’t disclosed yet. But it is known that it is equipped with the 2,5-liter gasoline engine working on Atkinson’s cycle, eCVT transmission and two electric motors (the similar scheme is already used on the Lexus NX300h crossover). Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 2015 has an all-wheel drive (AWD-i), and the rear axle is given in the movement by an electric motor.

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Toyota RAV4 Hybrid will be issued in three options (LE, XLE, Limited), the American buyers will receive also one more — SE: in it the car will be equipped with a sports suspension. The hybrid will be offered only in complete sets of XLE and Limited.

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Updated Toyota RAV4 sales in the USA and other countries should begin in the fourth quarter of this year.


Photo gallery of new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid


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