Toyota FT-4X Concept – a new toy for youth

“It is the car for young city dwellers who love sudden adventures and unplanned sorties to the country” — so top managers of Toyota characterized assignment of the car. And even offered for this genre the special term — casual-core, that is “an accidental hardcore”. Allegedly FT-4X is ready to everything.Toyota_FT4x_Concept

The last time of Toyota created something similar in 2003 when serial FJ Cruiser appeared, and, of course, there is a wish to call FT-4X the successor of this car, but it not absolutely so. FJ Cruiser was constructed on the frame chassis of the SUV Land Cruiser Prado and FT-4X made on the passenger TNGA-C platform, as at Pruis and C-HR.

All most remarkable FT-4X in design is concentrated behind the car – it is, for example, removable side back windows and a transforming door of Multi-Hatch at a trunk. It can be lifted entirely up or to plow up in the parties, having separated into two vertical shutters.

In a trunk floor niches and loops, are provided in a ceiling — a removable small lamp, sockets on the roof. And on different corners of salon open niches for small things are scattered (they are painted by orange) and the closed economic boxes (all of them gray-blue).

FT-4X nearly the first car on which it is possible to install the mobile phone instead of the dashboard. More precisely, Toyota has also own panel, however it is only the small liquid-crystal display with a digital speedometer and the fuel indicator in the basis of a steering tube, but the main place over it is taken by a bracket for fastening of the large-format smartphone.

However, contrary to a modern mode, there is no touchscreen in an interior any more — only real buttons, handles and levers.

Toyota_FT4x Concept dashboard

Other interior life hacks are USB slots in door armrests, a removable stereosystem which can be taken from the central tunnel together with the loudspeaker and turned into the boombox. Also a folded sleeping bag which carries out a role of the central armrest.

Most likely, the serial version of such Fankruzer will appear approximately in two years. Thus, Toyota will join a wave of emotional vintage crossovers which Fords and General Motors are going to start now.


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  1. The heck with “young city dwellers” I’m 64 and I want a FT4X for my retirement present to myself. I’m an ex-Element owner and this looks like a perfect replacement.

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