TOP-9 2014 original auto technologies

Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning

We would like to give you the most wanted automotive technologies of 2014. The considerable part of key manufacturers at the moment proposes a so called lane departure caution systems in nearly all of their brand-new models. These perfect systems aware alert the driver when he/she crosses a line without making s signal. This technology is aimed to address drowsiness at the wheel.

Pedestrian detection

Pedestrian detection technologies

Volvo has established a mixture of tools that goes further than just classifying objects. It can recognize both cyclists and foot-travelers. Therefore, it allows avoiding various accidents and hurts in city areas, where such misfortunes are most common. As it is considered to be one the most vital categories of accidents relating cars, this modern automotive technology must spread in the quickest possible time.

Semi-autonomous driving

Semi-autonomous driving

In its new E-Class Mercedes-Benz proposes an Intelligent Drive system. It is the latest automotive technology. It can control at low speeds. It can also follow heavy traffic on wavy roads. With the help of Intelligent Drive system you can also correct the course automatically. For example if a drive inadvertently crosses lanes, this system will allow avoiding unlucky car accidents. The system is also able to stop the engine if you need to do it urgently.

Intelligent braking

Intelligent braking

There is an Acura’s new RLX sedan. It has presented a “Brake Hold” switch. It is truly recognized as one of the best samples of automotive engineering technology. It slows keeping the brakes pressed mechanically. It is very useful when you wait for red light to go green, as it removes the option of running red lights, and paying attention to when they’re turning green. You wouldn’t have any problems with cameras at stop lights that’s for sure, although the enforcement power behind these is currently in question anyway.

Receding door handles

Receding door handles

Tesla Motors’ Model S proposes plenty of high-class automotive technologies. But one of them deserves special attention. It is really visual. The retreating door handles withdraw when you either lock down a car or when it moves. You should only press the key fob “Unlock” button and the pop out. Actually, they all look very dense too.

Hot-stone massage

Hot-stone massage in car seats

In 2014, Mercedes-Benz`s administration decided to include high-class burning stone massage bucket chairs. Thus, in that exactly year they started using this automotive technology. Fourteen small airbags both deflate and inflate to arouse the occupant’s backside in an old-fashioned fashion. Although a hot stone massage whilst driving would be amazing, in the mean time it might be better to go for a more practical and affordable car like a Ford F150 Truck to get around in.

Internet radio

internet radios auto technology

We should admit that presently internet radios have become a typical auto technology. It can be easily found in the infotainment system of numerous cars sold in Canada in 2014. Such radios are set right on the dashboard. Thus, from now you will not have to launch the necessary application in our gadget. These car internet radios use your smartphone internet connection.

Integrated shop-vac

Combined shop-vac

The Shop-Vac and Honda have recently become partners. They have developed combined vacuum cleaner. For example, in 2014, it can be observed in Honda Odyssey minivan. It helps cleaning up many storage areas and surfaces in your car. Presently, it is considered to be automobile technology #1 for those who like driving clean cars. For a quality vacuum cleaner to use in your own car, check out this page.

Traffic signs recognition


On European continent both Mercedes-Benz and Audi has already started using front-facing video cameras. Experts have already called them outstanding automotive technologies. They really help to recognize road signs. Thus, your vehicle can easily reproduce the speed limit.