TOP-5 Devices to Make Driving More Comfortable

All drivers know that cool car gadgets can make our life easier. Every year more cars appear on roads. And due to that fact drivers get much stress. Thus, abundance of cars on the road prevents divers from driving carefully. If you, unfortunately, end up in a car accident, consulting car accident attorneys in Houston or someone similar could help you get the support you need. Now we are going to give you a list of cool car gadgets that will make your driving easier.

1. Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics

Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics

When you switch this gadget into your car’s OBD Two port, you will immediately receive both trouble shooting and mechanical data concerning health of your car. Except general diagnostic, this gadget allows receiving much other info on technical specifications of your car. It all depends on your car model. Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics can be connected to your mobile phone. It will allow you using your gadget as a remote control. You will be able to lock and unlock doors in your car, control speed and mileage, start the engine, and have access to many other convenient functions. Therefore, this device will surely make your driving much more comfortable and easier. It is thought to be one of the best cool new gadgets.

2. Griffin iTrip with Aha

Griffin iTrip with Aha

The next in our list of the best car gadgets is Griffin iTrip. It is a modern handy device. It can be paired to your mobile phone for transmitting FM radio frequency or audio. Currently, it is connected with Harman Aha application. When you install the Aha, you will have a perfect opportunity to listen through your car’s sound system to over thirty thousand radio stations. Moreover, you can as well organize this application to outfit your voyage. The system will inform you about various sights, choosing for you radio stations for traffic or weather reports.

3. Kensington Proximo

Kensington Proximo

The Kensington Proximo is a revolutionary device. It can be connected with sensor fob iOS gadget. This car gadget can be easily fixed to your car key or bag. The only trouble with this is if you are a bit forgetful like me and often forget or even lose your car key! Luckily, you can always call a Locksmith Portland OR for a replacement. It has a special alarm for those cases when you forget the device somewhere. If you hide Kensington Proximo inside your car, you may easily find your auto location with the help of modern tracking system. Many experts state that Kensington Proximo is one of the best accessories for cars nowadays.

4. Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker

Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker

Tiredness is rightly considered to be one of the most frequent road dangers. A small, non-electrical, portable Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker car gadget will help to stay always fresh enjoying a cup of beloved coffee. The device can be paired to all sorts of ESE coffee pods. We strongly recommend that you should put this device into your list of must have gadgets in your car. Drowsy driving can be fatal though so if you are relying on this too much then it is wise to think about how you can improve your sleep.

5. GoPro HD Hero3

GoPro HD Hero3

The GoPro HD Hero3 is one of the best new technology gadgets. The device can be used for shooting your road movies. It has both a built in Wi-Fi and all the add-ons you need. You can fix it to either your car`s dashboard or some other part of your automobile. You can use the GoPro HD Hero3 in rainy weather, thus, it can be easily fixed outside your car. This car gadget has a high quality noise reduction audio effects and magnificently sharp HD. When you attach the camera on your car, you will have perfect chance to film your driving maneuvers and road family trips.