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TOP -10 Seven-seater cars in 2015

Below you will find information on the 10 best 7 seater cars that are available for purchase. The variety allows every family choosing something that is most suitable to them; and with the new Honda 7 seater, the choice is just getting better.

You probably have not any idea about how many different types of suv that seats 7 are available. There are not only people carriers or MPVs for seven people.

There are many 7-seaters that are MPVs, but you can also find some large 4x4s as well as van-based 7-seaters that do their job great. A 7-seater is not really for sports car styling, but you can check it out for MPVs and best 7 seat suv 2015.


To help you out with making the right decision we have put together the top rated suvs 2015 that you can buy in the UK.

Before you make the decision to buy something please have a look at top suv 2015. Please make sure that you definitely know what you are looking for. Some people need to have suvs with 7 seats because they need to use seven seats on a daily basis. If you are a buyer like that, you should consider an option of buying a large SUV form the list of the best 7 seat suv 2015 or MPV. They come with convenient six and seven seats. You should think of purchasing something like the Land Rover Discovery. This model in top rated suvs 2015 allows even adults having enough space in the extra seats.

If you do not need that many seats every day, but only time to time, you can consider an option of buying a model with five seats only that comes with an easily foldable third row of seats. The seats can be used for adult-size passengers when are needed and simply stored away beneath the boot floor when there is no need to use them. A good variant for such a situation would be a compact MPV, for instance, the Ford Grand C-MAX. This best 7 seat suv comes with seven seats, but the back row is only for small children.

Keep in mind that top suv 2015 cars will be carrying lots of weight around. Many cannot even have petrol engines. The best way for them is the use of diesels suits to reach the higher fuel economy even with many people on board.

So, top suv 2015 gives you certain options that you can look through if you wish to get a car with seven seats.

Best 7 – seater cars to buy in 2015

1. Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

1 - 2015 Citroen C4 Picasso

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2. SEAT Alhambra

2 - 2015 SEAT Alhambra

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3. Ford S-MAX

3 - 2015 Ford S-MAX

4. Ford Galaxy

4 - 2014 Ford Galaxy

5. Land Rover Discovery

5 - 2015 Land Rover Discovery

6. Renault Grand Scenic

6 - 2015 Renault Grand Scenic

7. Ford Grand C-MAX

7 - 2015 Ford Grand C-MAX

8. Kia Carens

8 - 2015 Kia Carens

9.Hyundai Santa Fe

9 - 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe

10. Land Rover Discovery Sport

10 - 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport