Tire lettering may be the method of coating, or drawing letters visible on the side of the tires of a car. As it is now used, the lettering is often major car brands or names of tire brands, with lettering being a lot smaller in this niche. It can also refer to other aftermarket customization to the sidewall of the tire, such as the look “WHITE WALL TIRE”.It usually refers to custom lettering, be it a brand design or create your own design. Because your exact dimensions of tires are needed, the shape and design of the tires letters are adapted to the curve of the tire and fitted exactly to your specifications.TIRE LETTERING


TIRE LETTERING STICKER offers custom design capability to QUALITY TIRE LETTER KITS AND LOGO sustainability in the short term or permanent, rubber embossed lettering that really make a statement. It is high WHITE LETTER TIRE inserts made from a patented durable rubber composite compound coupled with a proprietary adhesive which binds the letters to your tire. The adhesive bonds the letters as they were a permanent part of the side wall.


Instead, you can a TIRE PAINT PEN OR MARKER to add white letters on your tires, paint tire is certainly not without drawbacks. Although stickers can be slapped on a tire, antioxidants and other chemicals quickly break down the adhesive and the link will fail.


WHITE TIRE LETTER paint pens are mostly messy in usage. Cleaning paint your hands and clothes is aggravating. Moreover, it is difficult to stay in the lines, leaving you with tires with white letters that do not withstand scrutiny. takes a long time to also use a tire paint pen. (A tire easily take over an hour) To make things even worse, often painting the white tire chips or dull your tire after a few weeks, leaving you with tires looking worse than before. white paint pens tires let you letter that fade to brown or black. Imagine investing all this time and treat the disorder of a paint pen tire only to have melted, or turn in a few weeks


You can paint on the rubber, but if it is not done properly, the paint will eventually chip and peel off. The kind of paint you are using depends on your painting project.

Using Removable Rubber Coating: If you want the option to remove the rubber paint after a period of time, use a removable rubber coating. This type of paint you can find as a spray, works well for projects in which you are not sure if you want the painting to be permanent, but it is still very durable and will not detach itself.

Using Commercial-Grade Marine Paint: For maximum durability, use a marine paint commercial quality, the type of paint used for boats and swimming pools. This type of paint has the best resistance against fading, cracking and peeling, because it is made to withstand the harsh elements.

Using Acrylic Paint: For rubber interior items that will not be a lot of wear, use acrylic craft paint. You may need to use two layers, and be sure to let the paint dry completely between coats. After the paint has dried completely, the seal. Find a paint sealer in the department of painting in a craft store or home improvement.

Using Exterior Paint: If you plan to paint an element that will remain outside, use a durable exterior paint, non-toxic. Before starting the project of painting, rubber coating with an exterior primer to help the paint adhere, and let it dry completely. You can either brush painting or the use of spray paint.LETTERING PAINT


TIRE LETTERING PAINT is a temporary solution, designed to last one or two washes, painted with a “TIRE LETTERING PAN” or “MARKER.” It’s mainly consisting of water; you will need to takes time plaining and give the attention it needed to look good. However, all efforts made prime tire, tire paint, and fix application errors are wasted when the tire wash. Some paints last longer than others, so we stay out of it.

Tire paint pen might not be the best option for you and also for the same amount of preparation time, you can buy a TIRE LETTERING KIT to measure that will last much longer and not only give a better return on investment, but a more professional result. You can paint the lettering on your tires any color you want, but the most recommended color is white tire lettering and the best way to apply it on. Now these are the tires LETTERING MATERIALS for the project:


These are what you will need to do with each tire:

  • Remove the tire of your car.
  • Scrub the dirt and oil in the lettering area or the entire tire with a tire cleaner or Windex if you are not in possession of cleaner tires. If you used the shine of tires in the past, you have to apply a little extra elbow grease to get everything out. Once the cleaned area or the beginning of integers to look dull tires, it is clean and free of any oily residue. Wipe with a clean cloth to dryness.
  • Take your marker advanced paint medium and make sure it is shaken. Pumping the tip against a piece of paper, paper towel, cardboard or several times until the paint begins to emerge and the tip is saturated.
  • Color in the letters with the marker. The best thing to do is to fill the first centers and describe them thoroughly with the cutting-edge paint marker.
  • Touch one of the places that you may have missed and let the paint dry. If you want your lettering brighter and bolder look, apply another layer.


If applying more than one layer, try not to press too hard with your marker because it can peel the first layer.

If you accidentally outside line colored, cover the paint with a black Sharpie. However, the black marker therefore may not exactly your tires it is important to get it right the first time.

Wear gloves and old clothes because it is difficult to wash the paint.

Add Rim Savers to your rims. This is an excellent, inexpensive to accentuate your wheels more.

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