The TireTraker TT400C TPMS – A Capable And Affordable Maintenance Solution

Big vehicles require expensive specialist tires, which is why it is absolutely essential that you ensure their proper upkeep. Whether you’re using an RV, a truck, a trailer, or any other large four wheel vehicle, the TireTraker TT400C TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) product series is the perfect tool for monitoring your tires at any time. Using its advanced sensors, the TireTraker TT400C TPMS can alert the driver to varying levels of pressure differences, temperature variations and rapid leaking in up to 22 wheel positions using visual and audible alerts.


How Does It Work?

When affixed properly to the tires of your vehicle, the TireTraker TT400C TPMS analyzes your tires continuously and relays signals to a monitor regarding air pressure and temperature in every tire. These signals can travel up to 65 feet, making the device absolutely perfect for even the largest truck or RV. This is made even better by the fact that there is no need to set up any external antennae or wires; the sensors communicate with the monitor with absolutely no difficulty.

tpms how it work


Upon receiving the signals, the monitor compares the data with user determined baselines, allowing full flexibility of application. If the TireTraker TT400C TPMS detects a deviation from the baseline pressure or excessively high tire temperature (above 167 degrees Fahrenheit), it emits a visible and audible warning to the driver, alerting them to the problem. It can also indicate which tire is in need of repairs. In addition, the system can warn of rapid leaks in pressure as well as over-inflation of tires by more than 25%.

What Makes The TireTraker TT400C TPMS So Good?

The TireTraker TT400C TPMS has a host of great features and has been well designed to handle a wide range of hostile environments. The system can withstand harsh conditions on the road, ranging from snow and ice, to rain and sunshine. Because of this, it is the perfect system for the trucker on the open road who needs to keep a close eye on vehicle maintenance across a wide variety of locations. The system’s reliability is impressive, keeping regular measurements and reporting with speed and accuracy.

The only potential caveat with the system is the signal. While the 65 foot range is impressive, it is prone to interference as with most any cell phone or radio signal. Particularly if your vehicle has a metal skin or is a longer vehicle, you may find that the signal is not quite strong enough to maintain reliable performance. Luckily, however, TireTraker do offer a signal booster to mitigate this issues. The TireTraker Model TT100A is a hard-wired signal booster that requires constant connection to 12 volt power. While this sacrifices some of the portability of the system, it is nonetheless a satisfactory solution to signal problems in most cases. For the majority of users, however, the basic model should suffice, as it has been designed specifically with reliability in mind.

Despite its advanced features, the TireTraker TT400C TPMS maintains an affordable price, coming in at only $219.