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The Seat Alhambra 2015 – An Ideal Multi-Purpose Vehicle

Seat Alhambra  (8)For many car owners, there is a certain balance to be struck between having a car which fits your purposes and having a car of which you can be proud. For this reason, MPVs (Multi-Purpose Vehicles) are often seen as quite a sad solution. While they are excellent at what they do, they fail on this fundamental level of inspiring pride in one’s vehicle and can often feel like they suck the joy out of driving. However, the Seat Alhambra manages to find a sweet spot between functionality and form, providing useful day-to-day features in a package that still manages to feel fresh and freeing.

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Why Buy An MPV?

A lot of the time, the introduction of a family into the picture can be a major selling point for the MPV. Once a family is introduced, there comes a need for greater storage capacity and more flexible seating arrangements. Suddenly those sports cars become an unfeasible alternative to the raw practicality of the MPV.

MPVs often have superior boot space to other market alternatives, and frequently make use of removable or foldable seats to accommodate a greater number of passengers. In addition to this, MPVs are frequently more fuel efficient and safer than other cars, due to their family-centric design.

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The Seat Alhambra Is The Ideal MPV

The Seat Alhambra may be an MPV, but it is not without its practical luxuries. The automatic sliding doors not only provide easy access to the surprisingly capacious interior, but also allow for greater flexibility when parking. Without the need to swing out doors in an ungainly way, the doors slide flush to the car’s side, allowing you to park comfortably in smaller spaces and still have room to get out.

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Beyond those sliding doors lies one of the Alhambra’s greatest assets: the seats. The Seat Alhambra has a roomy back space with a row of three seats, all of which have easy-to-access Isofix clips. This allows three child seats to be installed next to one another, or any combination of child seat and adult passengers. Due to the spaciousness of the Alhambra, the middle seat can accommodate a full size adult even with two child seats boxing them in. In addition to the three back seats, the two seats that pop up in the back allow for additional flexibility when transporting people.

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Of course, one of the major draws of the Alhambra is its boot space. With 267 litres of space even when all the seats are up, the Alhambra’s boot will most likely please anyone who needs to move things from place to place. Where it gets really impressive, however, is when you fold the seats down and those 267 litres of space turn to 809 litres. This huge space allows for everything from holidays to trips to the garbage tip with room to spare.

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In short, the well thought out design of the Alhambra combined with its sheer practicality and impressive competence as an all-purpose family vehicle makes it the ideal MPV for anybody who is in the market for one.

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