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Ford Celebrates Production Of 10 Millionth Mustang

Ford Mustang, a cultural icon inspiring optimism and independence around the world, celebrates the production of its 10 millionth car at Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan Ford Mustang is the best-selling sports car of the last 50 years, is featured in more movies and has more Facebook followers than any other car in the world The 10 millionth Ford …

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ALL-New 2018 FORD EXPEDITION – ultimate road trip vehicle

The all-new Expedition fits eight people comfortably and can carry all of their luggage, while keeping everyone connected and entertained,” said Todd Hoevener, Ford Expedition chief engineer who has already opted to drive his family – including his two six-foot-something sons – from Michigan to Clearwater, Florida, this Christmas. “It’s really the ultimate road trip vehicle”. Combined with generous fuel …

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In South Africa, a small company is bringing racing Ford GT40 back to life

Cape Advanced Vehicles is building replicas of the iconic Ford GT40 using the same body molds that were used to produce the original version of the legendary track car. Production started in 1999, and the replicas quickly became a hit with “car nuts” around the world, according to CAV CEO Jordi Reddy. Buyers were eager to grab a piece of …

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Meet the 2018 Ford Mustang (+Video)

Ford Mustang sports car received a new exterior design changes and became more powerful. Visually updated Ford Mustang can be distinguished by a completely different shape headlamps and a slightly different configuration of the LED rear light modules. Also, the sports car has changed shape and position of the hood – front part was 20 mm below. Inside, new items …

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Epic car crash Mustang soft top Ballard WA guy walked away


In the USA “reckless driver” on brand new Ford Mustang at a huge speed faced a lamppost. What is left of the supercar is difficult to describe in words, it just tore to pieces. The most interesting is that the driver was unhurt and ran away from the scene.

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An Insight on Ford EcoBoost Engine

They all sound catchy and futuristic, but one thing’s for sure: automotive manufacturers aren’t all about fancy naming their products. In fact, you may be able to subtract some valuable data from just the name of the engine, as long as you know what to look for. Let’s take for example Ford’s EcoBoost engine line, to better understand the subject …

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The Ford F-150 2016 pickup received the most luxury version – Limited

Ford has released a F-150 pick-up in the most luxurious version – Limited. Externally Ford F-150 Limited 2016 of model year differs in 22-inch rims, the name of a complete set of “Limited” executed by the chromeplated letters on an edge of a cowl and applied on a metal chaser on a back header, a new radiator enclosure, and also …

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New Ford Taurus looks for new market in China

Last month, Ford Motor Co. debuted a newly designed Taurus during the Shanghai Auto Show, a model that will be targeted primarily for the Chinese market where there is a growing demand among Chinese buyers for larger sedans, a much different circumstance than in the United States. Sedans like the Ford Taurus are not as popular among American drivers as …

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Extreme Super Truck: The Kings Of Customised Picks Ups

Extreme Super Truck

SUPER-sized pick up truck designer Chris Walker makes giant cars up to TEN FEET high. The sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing a giant ride at Extreme Super Truck in Augusta, Georgia, USA. Owner Chris Walker, 53, has been building super trucks for 13 years. It takes between five to 50 weeks to complete one of the trucks …

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