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Epic car crash Mustang soft top Ballard WA guy walked away


In the USA “reckless driver” on brand new Ford Mustang at a huge speed faced a lamppost. What is left of the supercar is difficult to describe in words, it just tore to pieces. The most interesting is that the driver was unhurt and ran away from the scene.

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Snowboarding on New York streets using cars!

snowboarding on the streets of New York hooked it to a car

Snow fell, and you can not get to work because of the snow drifts on the roads? Don’t give up! If there are no mountains and there is a lot of snow and a little imagination, it is possible to use a snowboard even on city streets. Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/CASEYNEISTAT

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Land Rover Evoque – extreme driving in the skate park

Land Rover Evoque – extreme driving

Episode One Episode Two Episode Three

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