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Separated Sound Zone Technology from Kia Motors

The next-generation sound system allows each passenger to listen to different music, headphone-free Maintains passenger privacy during phone conversations Can mute sounds unnecessary for passengers, but crucial for the driver Advanced technology will enhance the automobile experience in the autonomous navigation era Kia Motors corporation revealed for the first time, its next-generation Separated Sound Zone (SSZ) technology that allows each …

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Things your should know before buying a car power inverter

Conveniences during traveling are what people seek now. It is the reason why many people opt to buy some of the best value 5 channel car amps in order to improve the sound system in the car. While these gadgets are useful, if you end up getting in a car crash, you’ll benefit from legal consultation from a personal injury …

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TOP-9 2014 original auto technologies

automotive technologies of 2014

Lane Departure Warning We would like to give you the most wanted automotive technologies of 2014. The considerable part of key manufacturers at the moment proposes a so called lane departure caution systems in nearly all of their brand-new models. These perfect systems aware alert the driver when he/she crosses a line without making s signal. This technology is aimed …

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