Sources say Apple May be Keeping a New Electric Vehicle Project Under Wraps

Sources in the know report a group of hundreds of Apple employees have been sent to a location miles from the main facility in Cupertino, California, to work on a secret project named “Titan”. The project reportedly could mean the vehicle market might see competition in the form of an Apple electric car, albeit that competition may be years from introduction.Project Titan from AppleThis project comes on the heels of a personnel decision to hire Johann Jungwirth, the former head of Research & Development at Mercedes-Benz (North America). He joins Marc Newson, who helped with the Ford Concept car that was unveiled in 1999. Product Design VP Steve Zadesky is in charge of the project, according to reputable sources. Zadesky worked at Ford before joining the team at Apple to help create the iPod and iPhone.

In addition to the above-mentioned hires, Apple has reportedly hired 50 automotive engineers from big-name companies and also spent time lately in meetings with Magna Steyr, a company that contracts out to handle projects in automotive engineering. This could mean good things for any Apple cars in the future. 

Apple Car - project Titan

Project Titan is reportedly an endeavor to create a new Apple electric car, a big jump from Apple’s current lines of electronics and intricate technology. The creation of a new Apple car of any sort requires extensive research into areas like metals and car manufacture-related materials. The potential introduction of an Apple vehicle would involve research into robotics, something Apple has experience with already.

The possibility of the new Apple car became a topic of conversation in recent weeks as Business Insider and Reuters both received information regarding Apple discussions and preliminary research related to vehicles. Business Insider reported receiving an email that promised a project was in preliminary stages that would provide competition for Tesla and breakthrough work in the smart car market. Meanwhile, Reuters discussed the fact that Apple employees have been having conversations with important people in the electric car arena, discussing self-driving vehicles. What does this mean for the creation of an Apple I car? We will have to wait and see. However, the idea of Apple cars taking to the road, whether self-driving or with humans behind the wheel, is bound to be a reason for excitement for numerous Apple enthusiasts.

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