Paint Protection Film: Some of the Little Known Reasons it is a Must to Use on Your Vehicle

Are you looking to protect your paint job from chipping? If so, there are some great reasons to consider investing in paint protection film. This can also be known as a car bra, and it typically is installed on areas like the fenders, hood and mirrors. It protects from the odd stones and other debris thrown up onto the car as you travel. Below are some of the lesser known reasons why paint protection film is the way to go to keep your baby looking like it just drove off the lot.

paint protection film

Protection is Enhanced by Custom Installation

There are a lot of products on the market that advertise protection for your vehicle’s paint job. However, most of those are aftermarket and typically not installed by a garage or your trusted mechanic. Instead, it is you or a friend you trust who is in the garage, attempting to get a smooth cover over your paint job and protect it from chips and dings. The installation of paint protection film, however, is done as a custom kit and is installed for you. There is a pre-cut version you can install yourself, but that falls into the less reliable and less predictable category with other aftermarket products.

Install it and Forget About It

Paint protection film is clear. It adds a simple shine to your paint job, one you probably wanted anyway. And you barely remember it is there, provided it is installed cleanly with no bumps or issues to notice as you walk to and from your car. It simply lays over the paint job, providing protection without detracting from the visual appeal of your prized vehicle.

paint protection film install

Warranties Are Good

Since the advances in paint protection film, many manufacturers are comfortable providing you with a warranty. That way, your film can be replaced if you have serious issues. Those issues no longer include yellowing or cracking. Instead, the materials and labor can be covered by the warranty, providing an additional level of peace of mind from this installation.

Road Hazards are No Longer a Big Concern

Everyone flinches when a rock is thrown at you by a passing car, making a significant thud as it hits your vehicle. You spend the rest of the trip wondering how bad the damage is. When you get to your destination, you discover chips and/or scratches that will cost time and money to get rid of. With a choice like paint installation film, those consequences no longer apply. Your paint job stays clean and smooth, despite the rocks and debris that hit your vehicle. Over time, the exterior of your vehicle stays as clean as the day you got it, while other vehicles of the same year and make look like they have been beaten and abused.


Paint Protection Film Has Military Origins

The creation of paint protection film came about because military vehicles tend to travel in rough areas, where gravel and debris is much more common than on a blacktop highway. These vehicles need to be in top performance to protect the personnel inside. Part of keeping them running efficiently is to protect their exterior, and this is how paint protection film came into being.Guardian IAG - paint protaction

The actual purpose of this material was originally to keep helicopter blades in optimal shape despite being hit regularly by small debris stirred up by the power of the blades. This was successful and the applications of the film were expanded. If a material is more than good enough for the military, why not entrust the paint job of your personal vehicle to this material? Many satisfied customers have made the choice and seen how long the exterior of their vehicles maintain their shine and new appealing look.


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