The dissatisfied customer of BMW repeatedly publicly destroyed cars of the German automaker. A resident of Italy Pormohsheni Hadi bought a BMW M6 in 2008 and from the very beginning of operation problems started: the owner complained about vibration, noise in the engine and knock on the transmission. According to Hadi, the dealer and automaker refused to recognize the problem. …

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Hyundai shows New hydrocarbon Crossover

Hyundai FE Fuel Cell

Hyundai company at a special event in South Korea introduced a new all-terrain vehicle with the installation of hydrogen fuel cells. Hyundai cars are rapidly growing in popularity, particularly their SUV range. If you want to learn more about the cars Hyundai have to offer, visit to order one for yourself. The exterior design of the pre-series crossover, which …

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Ford made a crib that acts like a car

  Babies love car rides. They’re soothed by the vibration from the road and gentle the hum of the engine. For some tots, it’s the only thing that will make them go to sleep. Unfortunately, babies are terrible drivers and rarely chip in for gas. Stopping everything to take them for a spin every time they’re fussy is inconvenient. Ford- …

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New Lincoln Navigator wants to be your extra large happy place

  The dashboard design of the new Lincoln Navigator features lots of broad, horizontal lines. It should remind you, at least subconsciously, of a wide open horizon, said Lincoln designer David Woodhouse. Kind of like you’re at the beach, even though, really, you might be stuck in traffic on the Cross Bronx Expressway. “The interior we want to be about …

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Toyota has built the ultimate Prius

Surprise! The Prius is actually fun. The words “best Toyota Prius ever” might not sound that exciting when gas prices are so low. I might as well sell you about the best winter parka ever in the middle of July, right? The new Toyota Prius Prime plug-in hybrid could actually generate some buzz, even now. Sales of plug-in hybrids, while …

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The 15 worst cities for rush hour traffic

Bangkok has the worst evening rush hour traffic in the world for a second consecutive year, according to GPS manufacturer TomTom. The results were compiled after TomTom tracked a years-worth of traffic in 390 cities across 48 countries. Here is the 2017 ranking of cities with the most severe evening rush hour traffic: Bangkok, Thailand Mexico City, Mexico Bucharest, Romania …

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