What is new bmw x3 2015?

The new BMW x3 2015 is a compact crossover. In 2004, it first appeared in the USA due to the extremely fruitful primer of the X5 Sports Activity Vehicle several years earlier. Notwithstanding some faults such as ride and overall build quality, the X3 demonstrated to be popular among drivers. The X3 positions itself as one of the most compact …

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All you should know about cracks in windshield

cracked windshield

On numerous auto chat many drivers frequently asks a question – how to fix a cracked windshield? We have talked with auto experts and now are ready to give you some recommendations. A windshield in your car is not just used to see a road but for safety reasons also. All windshields consist of three layers. There are two glass …

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New 2015 RAM Rebel pickup – photo review

Ram 1500 Rebel

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Land Rover Evoque – extreme driving in the skate park

Land Rover Evoque – extreme driving

Episode One Episode Two Episode Three

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Tesla model S P85D was presented at the Detroit Auto Show

tesla model s p85d 2015

AWD Tesla Model S electric car was presented at the recent Detroit Auto Show. The tesla car has the new dual-motor and the performance-oriented P85D. It was unveiled in the end of last year on the Internet and right away attracted lots of attention.

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TOP-9 2014 original auto technologies

automotive technologies of 2014

Lane Departure Warning We would like to give you the most wanted automotive technologies of 2014. The considerable part of key manufacturers at the moment proposes a so called lane departure caution systems in nearly all of their brand-new models. These perfect systems aware alert the driver when he/she crosses a line without making s signal. This technology is aimed …

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