Extreme Super Truck: The Kings Of Customised Picks Ups

Extreme Super Truck

SUPER-sized pick up truck designer Chris Walker makes giant cars up to TEN FEET high. The sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing a giant ride at Extreme Super Truck in Augusta, Georgia, USA. Owner Chris Walker, 53, has been building super trucks for 13 years. It takes between five to 50 weeks to complete one of the trucks …

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Blind Date With Blonde – Speed Dating Prank 2015

Speed Dating Prank 2015

What would you do if your girl will drive the car like a professional on the first date? 

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Drifting in a Minivan – Mom and Kids!!!

Drifting in a Minivan

Why do people drift? Because its the most fun thing you can do in a car. This video is  about what can happens when you take a 550 HP engine and put it in a minivan.

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Unreal crash test at 120mph. What can happen with your car?

crash test at 120 mph

Here is a classic Fifth Gear clip, the gang decide to crash test the Smart Car. With an NCAP rating of 3 out of 5 stars can the little compact withstand a 70mph crash into re-enforced concrete barriers?

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2015 Lexus GS 350 F Sport – Photos

2015 lexus gs 350 f sport front view

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TOP-5 Devices to Make Driving More Comfortable

Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics

All drivers know that cool car gadgets can make our life easier. Every year more cars appear on roads. And due to that fact drivers get much stress. Thus, abundance of cars on the road prevents divers from driving carefully. If you, unfortunately, end up in a car accident, consulting car accident attorneys in Houston or someone similar could help …

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