A New Face for Volkswagen: The Sport Coupe GTE Concept is Turning Heads

Seeing a new concept introduced when it comes to vehicles is an exciting and intriguing event. The vehicle gives viewers insight into the plans the manufacturer has for the future, allowing them to show off their idea of what the market will look like very soon. With this in mind, it can be quite the surprise to trade show attendees …

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North America Truck Driver Fails at Low Bridge

truck drivers mistake

The truck driver saw a low bridge and decided to turn around.

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How to fix a huge dent in your car at home without paint job

how to remove dents from car

Dents are a fact of life when you have a vehicle. Other people can hit your vehicle with their door or a shopping cart. You can hit deer or other objects. Someone can run into you with their car. Regardless of the cause, many people are severely disturbed to have to continually report the issue with your vehicle and they …

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The longest Volkswagen Microbus model 1965

longest Volkswagen Microbus

California restoration workshop worked two years of on a new version of the cult T2 Volkswagen models Microbus. The two-liter engine, suspension and steering of original Microbus 1965, were dismantled and re-assembled, using newly manufactured parts of the same type received from the factory in Germany.   Now Volkswagen Microbus tuned by disc brakes, the new shift system and exhaust …

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Mercedes Benz AMG 6×6 – Dubai – Abu Dhabi UAE Top Gears video

Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6×6

Test drive Mercedes Benz AMG 6×6 in Dubai – Abu Dhabi UAE by Top Gear. Source: www.topgear.com

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70 road signs that make you think

Do you know all the road signs? Probably not. Sometimes you can see some road sign that make you think, or at least smile. This is collection of funny, ridiculous, silly and strange road signs from around the world.  

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