Dreams of a Trip Around the World May Never Come to Pass: Here is Why

Dream of travel around the world

Ever since the infamous Around the World in 80 Days hit print, most people consider what it would be like to just take off one day and see the world, making their short vacation into a long world trip where they can see all the famous sights and have stories to tell for years to come. Planning for a world …

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Dodge showed new concept of Ram 1500 “Texas Ranger” pickup

The Ram brand, division of the Dodge company submitted the new special version of the RAM 1500 model devoted to the Texas rangers on a motor show in Dallas.

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The 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Vans Are Showing Off

Business vehicles can be a challenging purchase, since all businesses hope for a vehicle that offers optimal space for both the people that need to be transported and the tools that will be needed for the trade. With this in mind, this competitive market continues to see vehicle models that work to integrate comfort and visual appeal into a vehicle …

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2015 Honda Gold Wing review: Reasons this Might be THE Bike for You

Honda has a well-deserved reputation in the motorcycle world, providing years of reliable memories for those who hit the road on two wheels with the Honda emblem proudly emblazoned on their ride. Many people turn to Honda after trying out other well-known names in the two-wheel transportation arena. They stay with Honda for reliability and the family atmosphere felt by …

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A New Face for Volkswagen: The Sport Coupe GTE Concept is Turning Heads

Seeing a new concept introduced when it comes to vehicles is an exciting and intriguing event. The vehicle gives viewers insight into the plans the manufacturer has for the future, allowing them to show off their idea of what the market will look like very soon. With this in mind, it can be quite the surprise to trade show attendees …

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North America Truck Driver Fails at Low Bridge

truck drivers mistake

The truck driver saw a low bridge and decided to turn around.

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