Next summer, the last Beetle will roll off the assembly line

Roughly 20 years after the premiere of the New Beetle, its production will come to an end. Volkswagen celebrate this with the “Final Edition”.

Klaus Bischoff, Head of Volkswagen Design, with the Beetle “Final Edition”.

“Of course, there is some wistfulness,” says Klaus Bischoff about the Final Edition. The chief designer of the Volkswagen brand and his team designed the Beetle and the New Beetle.

“The fact that it goes away is a big deal in the automotive world,” says racing driver Tanner Foust, who pilots the GRC Beetle Rallycross. “What car is classless these days? That’s why I am sad to see it go,” says Beetle fan and presenter Sidney Hoffmann. He ordered a new convertible, while he still could, and is building a very special Beetle as a farewell present to Volkswagen.

On the occasion of its farewell tour at the LA Motor Show, the Beetle looks particularly smart. As a coupe and as a convertible. In exclusive beige or light blue, with a classy design and great features.

“The Final Edition combines all the features you always wanted,” says Sidney Hoffmann. He has been presenting a German TV show called “Die PS-Profis” (the power pros) since 2009. “You want nice seats and a Fender system. You want all of those comfort features in your car. And now it has them.”

Tanner Foust and his GRC Beetle with the number 34

Tanner Foust knows what it’s like to compete in a Beetle racing car. Many times this morning, he talks about how proud he is and how much fun it is to drive a Beetle racing car.

“The Beetle is one of the most iconic cars in history. It has an amazing racing heritage. I´ve been very proud to race it and I love racing the car. It looks completely different than all the other rally cross cars out of the course. It looks incredibly mean. You think the Beetle is nice and friendly, cruising on the street. But our Beetle is a little beast. It´s incredibly fast and it´s a great honor to drive it.”


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