Mercedes Vito Van Looking to Break out of Sprinter Shadow

In the UK, the mid-sized Merc panel van called the Mercedes Vito has previously been overshadowed by another Mercedes model, the Sprinter. With advances like the choice of rear-wheel or front wheel drive, two wheelbases and three lengths, the newest version of the Mercedes Vito is guaranteed to grab more of the spotlight – and the profit. With even better margins if you find a great business van insurance deal through Money Expert.

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Der neue Mercedes-Benz Vito 4x4

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz MetrisThe Vito opts for a 1.6-litre CDI diesel engine for the front-wheel drive option, while the rear-wheel drive boasts a 2.1-litre diesel. Both provide more than adequate power for the terrain and cargo-carrying expectations that customers have for travel in the UK. Despite its limited upgrades to the entertainment features within the vehicle – the one notable detraction found for this newly revamped model of the Vito – the options for both comfort and performance are so impressive that the investment is worth it. You can always upgrade the stereo, etc.., with after-market assistance and a bit of extra investment.

New Performance Statistics Give Vito Big Boost in Appeal

Performance for the Vito depends on the choice of engine. If your business takes place within the city and includes lighter travel, the 1.6-litre FWD is the better choice for you. Performance will be more than satisfactory with that engine and 88bhp or 114bhp. Meanwhile, longer trips and greater cargo loads means you are better off considering the 2.1-liter RWD option, where you will receive 134bhp, 161bhp or 188bhp. With these models, the operation is quieter, the performance levels are higher and the work is handled easily.

Der neue Vito / The New Vito

The main issue the Mercedes Vito has faced in the past is that it feels more like a passenger van than a cargo or transport model. For those who want high levels of comfort and technology for their transportation as well as a strong engine and sufficient cargo space, this model is the ideal for you. Likewise, those who want to be surrounded by a classy exterior and an interior that is focused on relaxation, the Mercedes Vito gets the job done.

Cost Has Come Down to Match Comparable Models

Previous concerns did include the price, since the cost of a Mercedes Vito was significantly higher than comparable transport vans. This made the luxury and comfort level a definite factor in the purchase, since most people searching for a van to handle cargo and people aren’t in the range that the luxurious Vito was priced in. That has changed with this newest model, bringing the purchase price to a level that is reasonably close to those of transport vans without the bells and whistles of comfort.

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The 2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris

It is important to note that this model van does not have a high roof, so there is some cargo capacity that is lost due to that decision. Still, the cargo area has sufficient space so that loss is not typically significant for most potential consumers. The three body lengths available with the latest model do make a difference as well, with load lengths between 2.433 mm and 2.908 mm for the longest available model. This helps out a bit with the lost space for the average height roof. A unique feature for the length is that the passenger side has a flap that can be moved to allow longer items to slide under the seat, allowing a bit more length if that becomes necessary.

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The 2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris Cargo Van

When it comes to access, most people have set preferences for this area of the vehicle specs. With the Mercedes Vito, a lifted tailgate is one option and side-open doors is another to allow access to the cargo area. In addition, sliding side doors can be added for those who feel they are a requirement. This provides the ideal access that specific consumers prefer and makes the van a great choice for those who need specific doors to get various equipment stored away properly. It’s also easy to customise the van by adding shelving or even extra seats if you’re going to use the van to transport workers. Check out this guide on seat conversions if you’re interested in this. The fact the van is easily modified to suit your preference is a big selling point.

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris Cargo Van

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris Cargo Van

For individuals who do a lot of towing, the rear-wheel drive option is the better for that task. However, the front-wheel drive has a lot going for it in other areas, so customers need to be aware what will best suit their travel patterns and their business needs. Still, with these options available, the Mercedes Vito has come a long way from being overshadowed and has a real chance of cornering more of the transport/cargo van market for the UK in the coming years.

Der neue Vito / The New Vito
Rear-wheel drive (RWD)
Der neue Vito / The New Vito
Front-wheel drive (FWD)

Presentation of New Mercedes Vito 2015 in Berlin

Photo gallery of New Mercedes-Benz Vito 2015