Lexus showed the seat of the future

Lexus showed the future of car seat. As the press service of the brand, the public premiere of the kinetic seats will be held on the Paris Motor Show, which opens on 29 September.

Lexus Kinetic Seat

The network structure formed by numerous fibers is the cornerstone of a design of a chair. The layers covering a power design of a seat have structure of a web which threads disperse radially from the center of a back of a chair. This network is rather plastic as much as possible to adapt to a shape of a body and to distribute loading. The fibers forming structure of “web” in a seatback are made on the basis of synthetic spidery silk.


Lexus Kinetic Seat

As explained in the press service of the brand, the central point of the seat backrest is located on the height of the shoulder blades, allowing the chest to make a seated rotational movement around the rotational axis of the chair. Due to such a solution is achieved a stable position of the head and the body provides a high level of support.

Photos: Lexus

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