Keep your car in shape and help it live two lifetimes in car years

Vehicles continue to improve and their life expectancy continues to increase, if you utilize the technology and various tools available to maximize your motor vehicle maintenance efforts. Cars in today’s market can last over 200,000 miles, provided they are properly cared for and the right fuels and oils are used. Installing devices like hour meters can help the maintenance of your vehicle by tracking the running time of your car and coming to a conclusion on whether the engine or other parts need checking or replacing. You can select an hour meter at Alion’s website. A vehicle could have multiple mechanical issues if the owner doesn’t make an effort to maintain it which could all lead to an accident occurring. If you have been in an accident that was caused through no fault of your own and the perpetrator’s car looks badly maintained; then you may want to contact a law firm like GJEL to see if they can help you get compensation.

Car Maintenance Checklist Clipboard

Vehicles come with a vehicle service checklist that lets you know when to do smaller tasks yourself and when to seek auto service with bigger maintenance work. The best way to find this little gem of a vehicle maintenance log is to do something a lot of vehicle owners do not do – read the owner’s manual. This provides important information about your vehicle and also gives you access to the clearly outlined schedule for auto services.

mechanic that you trust

Vehicle maintenance tips go beyond reading, of course. In any situation, it becomes a balance of research and action to make sure the results are what you hoped to receive. Therefore, it is important to find a mechanic that you trust. This mechanic should both talk to you in a way you understand and listen to you when you attempt to discuss issues. They should be someone who realizes you do know something about your own vehicle, instead of holding the assumption that all car owners are completely ignorant of what goes on beyond the key turning in the ignition.

When it comes to vehicle maintenance costs, it can add up quickly if you do not follow the set out car service schedule. Likewise, if you do just focus on turning the key in the ignition and ignore any noticeable changes in the sounds your car makes or the way the vehicle handles, you will be spending far more on auto service and repair than you planned on.


When it comes to vehicle maintenance tips, one big and easy way to keep your car up to the challenge of making it to 200,000 miles is to keep it clean. Accordingly, investing in some professional car cleaning products is strongly recommended. During the winter months, take the time to regularly clean off the salt and grime that accumulates on the rare sunny days that occur. During the summer months, keeping the vehicle clean helps as well. Cleaning the vehicle makes it look better, but it also helps prevent wear due to an accumulation of grit in the moving parts scattered throughout your vehicle that keep it on the road. If you want help cleaning the car for a spotless finish, you can contact a car detailing service that is especially good when you’re thinking about selling your car.

red light start and stop car

Other helpful vehicle maintenance tips that almost guarantee your car will last to see the odometer turn past 200,000 miles are to pay attention to all manufacturer recalls from your vehicle’s manufacturer and to avoid short trips when possible. If you miss a recall, you could miss the chance to get the work done without cost, and it could also mean more wear and tear on your vehicle that is unnecessary after a recall has been issued. When it comes to short trips, there is more starting and stopping. Therefore, there is more for your vehicle to do to ensure those start and stops. On a longer trip, the vehicle can get up to speed and exert minimal effort to keep the force going and the speed the same.

Most of these tips can be worked into a regular lifestyle and kept up with at a minimal rate of attention or effort by the car owner. That, being you, means you can do this while still having plenty of time for all the fun stuff in life. Keeping up with maintenance means your vehicle will be ready to transport you to the fun things you want to do. It seems like a reasonable trade-off to ensure your vehicle lasts to travel 200,000 miles.

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