Jaguar XF 2016 Is Going Full Aluminum on the latest model

Since its premiere at the New York International Auto Show in 2015, Jaguar XF caught quite some looks given its new features. The premium automaker placed strong emphasis on using aluminum throughout the construction of the new generation four door sedan.

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Body and chassis

Looking on the outside, the new Jaguar XF doesn’t look out of the ordinary, as it is just a simple evolution from its previous generation, adding a few sleek lines on the front. These lines attract bit of attention to the integrated led headlights, giving a nicer profile to the bulge of the hood. Basically, a better, more coupe like streamlined profile has been achieved by Jaguar design engineers.JAGUAR XF 2016 (6)

A longer wheelbase is featured on both RWD and AWD versions. Air is channeled over the front wheels thanks to a set of air vents mounted on the front bumper. The roof and the bonnet have also being designed to provide a reduced drag coefficient, and the whole front end features a more overall vertical line. Still, the best part is beyond the shape and enamel of the surface. As mentioned in the beginning, Jaguar placed a strong emphasis on using aluminum for the construction. A two stage framing process has been used, mixing the aluminum with high strength magnesium and steel. The whole process resulted in a weight loss of over 120 kg.

jaguar-xe-aluminum-chassis-front-three-quarterAccording to Jaguar, side panels have been built using a single piece of pressed aluminum, thus making them weight only 6 kg each. In terms of sound proofing, a new sound analysis technology was used to find the loudest areas and fill them up with a special heat expanding foam.

Performance and comfort

The 2016 rendition of the jaguar XF draws its power from a 3.0 liter V6 engine accompanied by a twin-vortex supercharger; it provides either 340 or 380 bhp, depending on the buyer’s choice. The engine sends power to the wheels using a 8-speed ZF gearbox. The all wheel drive version uses a multi-plate wet clutch to deliver the power to the front wheels by a chain drive system. Depending on the road condition, the Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR) system alters throttle steering and power to allow better control to the driver. The XF is able to go 0-60 mph in 5.3 seconds; an electronic top speed limiter tops at 250 km/h.

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On the inside, a textured aluminum trim reminds passengers once again about the aluminum construction they are resting on. Windsor leather seats have been fitted inside; the extra head space is accompanied in the back by a 40-20-40 repartition to create a more efficient cargo loading process.

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A rich range of driver assisting features are boasted by the Jaguar XF. Road surface irregularities are damped through the electric power-assisted steering, along with an algorithm detecting changes in ambient temperature. Below, an Adaptive Damping system alters the damping power of the piston as well as the damping frequency. When such aggressive damping is not required, such as in day to day driving in the city, a bypass valve fully opens; the valve is active at low speeds.

The XF also features an Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) as well as a Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) system. TSR uses a stereo camera that analyzes road signs and advises the driver regarding speed limits as well as other danger that may lie ahead. When matching to the GPS system, the Traffic Sign Recognition feature automatically accelerates or slows down the car to fit inside the speed limit.

Infotainment system features the standard 8 inch capacitive touchscreen. The premium package comes with a 10.2 inch InTouch Pro system, powered by a quad-core CPU and a SSD to store map information. The InControl Remote app allows the driver to remotely start the engine, lock or unlock doors, as well as locating the car in dense parking lots.

JAGUAR XF dashboard

With a lowered weight and increased stability due to aluminum built chassis, the 2016 Jaguar XF is faster and more agile in curves. Driving assist system along with an improved interior experience and a great infotainment system make the 4 door premium sedan a viable options for onlookers on this category.


2016 Jaguar XF First Look – 2015 New York Auto Show

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