The dissatisfied customer of BMW repeatedly publicly destroyed cars of the German automaker.

A resident of Italy Pormohsheni Hadi bought a BMW M6 in 2008 and from the very beginning of operation problems started: the owner complained about vibration, noise in the engine and knock on the transmission.

According to Hadi, the dealer and automaker refused to recognize the problem. As a result, the man stopped payments for the car, thus ruining his credit history in the bank. Now, he is suffering financially and looks untrustworthy to potential lenders. He’s been able to use Credit Cards to Build Credit and regain some control over his finances however he is still hurt that the dealership did not take him seriously.

Since that moment, the Italian has disliked BMW. So, Hadi in 2013 at the Frankfurt Motor Show with the help of a sledgehammer and an ax smashed a BMW M6 worth 120,000 euros. A year later he repeated the action, destroying the car of the German mark near the entrance to the auto show in Geneva.

This time, the man burned the 7 Series sedan opposite BMW’s headquarters in Munich. The protest was accompanied by slogans, that “BMW deceives and blackmails its customers.”

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