How to fix a huge dent in your car at home without paint job

Dents are a fact of life when you have a vehicle. Other people can hit your vehicle with their door or a shopping cart. You can hit deer or other objects. Someone can run into you with their car. Regardless of the cause, many people are severely disturbed to have to continually report the issue with your vehicle and they attempt to do things like get rid of dents on their own. I like to buy my parts from spartan Motors if a part needs replacing, but in this case, I could DIY it!

fix dent without paint job (1)

When it comes to fixing a dent, there are options ranging from getting help from a professional auto body repair shop, to giving it a go yourself. If you don’t feel confident in doing so, it can be as simple as doing a quick search into something like body shop macon ga (if you live in this area of Georgia) to find the right person for the job.
Depending on the size and location also depends on whether you may be capable of giving it a go. For smaller dents, it can be as simple as dry ice or a hair dryer and compressed air. For bigger dents, hot glue can be really helpful. This, along with the use of sections of a dowel rod, can have the dent disappearing within minutes.

With a dented car, the details of how to fix a dent is complex but manageable for someone who is not mechanically savvy. In order to figure out how to fix a dent, consult YouTube. At that point, you will be able to view the process by video and see comments from people who have attempted the process before you.

The process of removing dents:

The first step of how to fix a dent is to take 5 4 – inch sections of dowel rod with a wood screw inserted into each side for grip. I use the Timco wood screws and they seem to work perfectly! The area where the dent is located should be cleaned and a blow dryer should be used to heat the area. For auto body dent repair, heat is important.

1. Make Your Grips

fix dent without paint job (1) Make Your Grips

Apply glue to the end of the dowel that is away from the screws. Adhere the dowels around the area of the dent, but do not hook one to the dent itself. When asking how to pull dents, remember there is a trick to it and it takes some effort.

Once the dowels are thoroughly glued to the car, you can begin ripping them off the vehicle and therefore helping to remove the dent. This is not how to remove small dents but instead focuses on the bigger issues.

2. Glue grips to the area around the dent

fix dent without paint job (1)

fix dent without paint job (1)

3. Pull out the dent

fix dent without paint job (1)

fix dent without paint job (1)

4. Repeating the process if necessary!!!

The process of how to remove dents may require more than one application before the dent is entirely gone. Still, when it comes to how to remove dents from car, many people swear by this method, so people tend to do this often.fix dent without paint job (1)

Once the dent has been eradicated, it is time to scrape the hot glue off your paint job. This is not a glamorous job, but the good news is it will come off with relatively little effort. However, to ensure it looks good, it might be worth looking for the perfect range of car buffing machines to ensure the paint job still looks perfect afterwards. By buffing over the recently covered dent, it should help to remove the glue. Once the area is clean, you can be happy that you will no longer have any reminders of the dent that was caused – whether it was by you or some careless person in close proximity to your set of wheels.

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