Five Ways to Make Sure you Get What you Pay For at A Quick Lube Shop

With the promise of providing while you wait, no appointment necessary oil changes for low prices quick lube shops have gained a reputation for providing quick service. Along with this quick service they have also gained a reputation for pushy sales tactics and sometimes questionable work. We have listed the five best ways to ensure you get great service the next time you venture into your local quick lube oil change shop.

1. Don’t Give In To the High Pressure Up sell

As soon as you roll into the door a service consultant is going to try and up sell you on the benefits of synthetic oil. You can check to see if your vehicle requires synthetic oil by checking the vehicles owners manual. If your vehicle doe’s not recommend synthetic oil than your vehicle does not need it, despite what the service consultant will tell you.

2. What should they inspect?

During your oil change you should observe that the technicians check everything they should. These change at all stores but should include some simple basics. Things such as checking all of your fluid levels and condition, all your lights, and things like your air filter and cabin filter should all be checked during your visit. If you do not think they did this just ask the service consultant to provide you with the check sheet of what was checked during your visit.

3. Your Air Filter Is Dirty It Should Be Replaced

Most quick lube stores use an oil change as a loss leader to get you to come in the store. For this reason you should expect them to try and sell you on other things that you may need. If they suggest you need an air filter because it is dirty, just ask them to show you. They will be happy to show you the condition of what your air filter looks like, and show you what a new one should look like and why you should replace yours.

4. Do Not Get Any Fluid Flushes Completed

Quick lube shops will try and sell you a various amount of service procedures. These can include fluid flushes for the transmission, engine , brake system, and coolant system. Flushing an engine or transmission can cause more harm than good which is the reason leading automotive manufacturers do not suggest this procedure. If there is any question about if you need to complete a certain item, just check your owners manual. The manufacturer will provide recommended services and the intervals for completing them right in the manual.

5. The Check Sheet

When the service consultant is completing your invoice they should provide you with a service check sheet. This sheet is invaluable to customers, it provides a list of everything that the technicians checked during the service and its condition. It can provide you with insight of whats good with the vehicle and areas that are going to need attention soon.

By using these five tips you can be prepared with the right information the next time you enter a quick lube shop. Making sure you not only receive a low priced oil change, but a quality oil change as well.

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