Changes Are Coming to the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport

There are a variety of Sport Utility Vehicles, or SUVs, available in today’s market. Some customers find the models too big for their needs, while others are looking for something slightly larger than the most compact versions. For this reason, new Land Rover is focused on showing off the impressive changes to their Sport model, the most compact yet versatile SUV available and the first to be introduced in the Discovery family for Land Rover. Many people are already looking forward to buying these from Meridian Prestige and other vendors.

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The Discovery Family for Land Rover was introduced in 1989 with a three-door model called the Estate. That vehicle was a five-speed manual with a 2.5-liter engine. It offered 111.3 horsepower. Since that introductory model, the Discovery Family has included the Series II (1998) and the Discovery 3 (2009). The Discovery 4 hit the market in recent years, with the Discovery Sport the newest addition and the more streamlined and fully functional offering from the already impressive line of SUVs.

Powerful Engine Guaranteed to get You Through

The Discovery Sport has a 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder and 240 horsepower engine and a base price of $37,070. The vehicle seats five and offers a central 8-inch TFT color display, stadium style seating and second row seats both slide and recline. For interested customers, a 5 + 2 arrangement can be custom requested. The passengers are guaranteed comfort inside the four-door, versatile space with six USB charging ports, strategically placed climate controls for air conditioning and vents, with controls on the B and C pillars as well as in the conventional front location. Plenty of storage means everyone can have a spot to put a drink or other necessities while taking a longer trip.

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The nine-speed transmission is different than you might see elsewhere, while the fuel economy is a reasonable 20/26 miles per gallon with an 18.5-gallon tank. The all-wheel drive can come in handy during some of the more difficult terrain explorations you may choose to embark on. Meanwhile, the vehicle offers bluetooth connectivity and heated seats, optimizing comfort levels for passengers and keeping them connected to the outside world.

Outer Image is Tough and Sporty

The Sport offers an impressive view from the outside as well, with daytime running lights, character lines that showcase the wheel well arches while linking them smoothly with the full sporty effect of the vehicle’s lines and visual impact.

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The vehicle has four doors and a hatch that provides great access to the vehicle and yet do not detract from the tough and sleek image the Discovery Sport portrays. Like other Land Rover models, this vehicle grabs the attention and holds on as it passes by.

Terrain Response System Comes Standard

For those who are planning on trips that don’t involve much asphalt, tests have shown the Discovery Sport is the ideal vehicle to get you where you want to go without getting stuck or having to take a detour. The vehicle handles water up to 600mm, and it handles it while at an angle as steep as 25 degrees. The breakover angle, meanwhile, is an impressive 20 degrees and the departure angle can be as high as 31 degrees. That means rivers and streams won’t be a stopping point if you are behind the wheel of this vehicle. There is a Terrain Response System that comes standard with the Discovery Sport. This helps the less experienced yet daring traveler better understand the available scenarios and settings for a specific terrain condition or surface conditions at a particular time.

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Test drives for the Discovery Sport have covered a variety of rough terrain already. This model of vehicle has taken people through Iceland’s Golden Circle and held up despite cold conditions, only six hours of sun in every 24-hour period and the resulting meetings with rain and snow on already ice-covered roads. It takes a special type of car to be able to conquer these roads, and this is it. This is useful knowledge to have if you ever visit Iceland. Many people choose to hire a car and drive around the island when they are visiting, so finding an iceland car rental company who offer this vehicle is a good idea. At the very least, you’ll want something similar. Special studded tires were used, and some near misses did occur despite the strength of the vehicle and the caution applied by the test drivers – so remember how dangerous it can be if you do decide to drive in Iceland. Still, the Discovery Sport came through the rough terrain with flying colors and proved its mettle for warmer climates and less dangerous conditions. The vehicle provides a lot of comforts that aren’t necessary but are starting to become expected in the SUV market. Buyers will be suitably impressed with the Discovery Sport and profits will rise.

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