The First Sports Activity Vehicle — BMW X7 undergoes endurance tests under extreme conditions

Prototypes of the first Sports Activity Vehicle for the luxury segment demonstrate their supreme versatility during test drives at the polar circle, on desert tracks and on the highway. The Sports Activity Vehicle is heading for the luxury segment. And on its way there it is undergoing a true endurance test marathon. An equally extensive and diverse test programme takes …

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The dissatisfied customer of BMW repeatedly publicly destroyed cars of the German automaker. A resident of Italy Pormohsheni Hadi bought a BMW M6 in 2008 and from the very beginning of operation problems started: the owner complained about vibration, noise in the engine and knock on the transmission. According to Hadi, the dealer and automaker refused to recognize the problem. …

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Meet the 2018 Ford Mustang (+Video)

Ford Mustang sports car received a new exterior design changes and became more powerful. Visually updated Ford Mustang can be distinguished by a completely different shape headlamps and a slightly different configuration of the LED rear light modules. Also, the sports car has changed shape and position of the hood — front part was 20 mm below. Inside, new items …

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Range Rover – The Evolution of the World’s Most Luxurious SUV

Trace the heritage of the world’s most luxurious SUV, starting with the first Range Rover prototype, produced in 1969 and badged Velar for disguise. An icon is born in 1970 with the first generation Range Rover, the first SUV to deliver permanent four-wheel drive and establish the now iconic continuous waistline, and instantly recognisable floating roof. Every generation since has …

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Epic car crash Mustang soft top Ballard WA guy walked away


In the USA «reckless driver» on brand new Ford Mustang at a huge speed faced a lamppost. What is left of the supercar is difficult to describe in words, it just tore to pieces. The most interesting is that the driver was unhurt and ran away from the scene.

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Rise Of LETRONS — BMW turns into a transformer — VIDEO

letrons transformer

A team of 12 Turkish engineers turned the car BMW of the third series of the anthropomorphic robot-transformer. His name — LETRONS. However, today Letrons — it’s just a big, beautiful and expensive toy. Ride it like a conventional car is impossible, transformer design leaves no room for driver. Now robot-transformer is controlled remotely. He can not walk, but the …

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Snowboarding on New York streets using cars!

snowboarding on the streets of New York hooked it to a car

Snow fell, and you can not get to work because of the snow drifts on the roads? Don’t give up! If there are no mountains and there is a lot of snow and a little imagination, it is possible to use a snowboard even on city streets. Source:

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Yamaha has created a motorcycle-riding robot — MotoBot (VIDEO)


Yamaha has created a new humanoid robot designed to imitate the very human action of riding a motorcycle. MOTOBOT Ver.1 (Technology exhibit) «This is an autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid robot built around a fusion of Yamaha’s motorcycle and robotics technology. R&D is currently underway with the goal of developing the robot to ride an unmodified motorcycle on a racetrack at more than …

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Supercars test their Top Speed at the Sun Valley Road Rally 2015

Sun Valley Road Rally

Supercars and Sports Cars test their top speed at the 2015 Sun Valley Road Rally in Sun Valley, Idaho. «After a wildly successful debut in 2009, the Sun Valley Road Rally will once again transform Highway 75 into a “no speed limit” zone to benefit The Drug Coalition. Drivers will hurl themselves down the highway in search of their cars’ …

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Using A High Lift Jack For Off-Road Recovery

Lift Jack For Off-Road Recovery

This video demonstrates the various applications of a high lift jack for off-road recovery. These tools are particularly useful for rugged off-road vehicles with bullbars, but can also be used for more modern cars. The video gives important demonstrations relating to the proper set up of a high lift jack, as well as its proper and safe use. The video …

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