What is a winch for a Jeep?

Anyone who uses their jeep for constant off-road knows the importance of having a winch. Winch on jeep is used so that the car can get out of a deep puddle, as well as to help pull someone who is stuck on the track. Those who often use a Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee, Rubicon or other SUV need to have a …

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Tire lettering may be the method of coating, or drawing letters visible on the side of the tires of a car. As it is now used, the lettering is often major car brands or names of tire brands, with lettering being a lot smaller in this niche. It can also refer to other aftermarket customization to the sidewall of the …

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More Than 200 Performance Parts and Accessories for All-new 2018 Jeep Wrangler

Mopar revealed a selection of the brand’s more than 200 new Jeep®Performance Parts and accessories for the all-new 2018 Jeep Wrangler during a press event at the 2017 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Oct. 31. New Mopar products available for the most capable SUV ever include Jeep Performance Parts lifts kits, beadlock-capable wheels, off-road …

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Coilovers vs regular shocks and springs — What is the difference?

Tuner freaks and mechanics get this question asked probably on a daily basis. There are many car enthusiasts out there whom are willing to lower their car either form aesthetics or performance, but don’t really know how to proceed. There are two main ways to go when you are willing to drop the height of your car: lowering springs or …

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Sin City Hustler — monster 12-passenger truck

Sin City Hustler — 32-foot long, 12-foot high SUV is built on a tube frame chassis, and features four-wheel-steering. The rig weighs 15,000 pounds, and is powered by a 521-cubic-inch big-block V-8 engine making more than 700 hp. Sin City Hustler, the world’s first ‘luxury’ monster truck powered by an 8.5-liter big block Ford moto.  The entire point of this giant toy …

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How to improve Korea’s hottest compact car Kia Pro Cee’d GT

Very few people know about one of Korea’s most talked about compact cars and it has the potential to be developed into a quality speedster. The key to selling any performance-oriented car is the need for the marketing «machine» to work for the car. This includes different types of videos with drag races, the remapping of a car’s electronic control …

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Paint Protection Film: Some of the Little Known Reasons it is a Must to Use on Your Vehicle

paint protection film

Are you looking to protect your paint job from chipping? If so, there are some great reasons to consider investing in paint protection film. This can also be known as a car bra, and it typically is installed on areas like the fenders, hood and mirrors. It protects from the odd stones and other debris thrown up onto the car …

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The longest Volkswagen Microbus model 1965

longest Volkswagen Microbus

California restoration workshop worked two years of on a new version of the cult T2 Volkswagen models Microbus. The two-liter engine, suspension and steering of original Microbus 1965, were dismantled and re-assembled, using newly manufactured parts of the same type received from the factory in Germany.   Now Volkswagen Microbus tuned by disc brakes, the new shift system and exhaust …

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The inner workings of Parking Heaters and How they benefit the consumer

The Inner Workings of Parking Heaters

Winter is a nemesis that many people have to suffer through in their various areas of the United States as simply a fact of yearly life. the seasons change, the weather turns cold and the snow and ice become a time-suck when it comes to preparing to go anywhere, whether it be to work or somewhere for entertainment. Because of …

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X009-RAM 9-Inch In-Dash Redesign System for the hardest-working trucks

It is up to you whether you want to have a calm life or life full of adventures. If you wish to set yourself free from four walls, you can rely on your truck. The X009-RAM is all you need to keep up with work and play. Due to renewed In-Dash System, you will find a range of useful features like …

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