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Why do some cars have the Gas Tank Door on the Left and others on the Right?

gas tank door location

You've noticed that some cars have the fuel filler neck on the right, while others have the left. Why it is such differences? Why cars can not have gas tank door on the same side?

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Which silent blocks/ car bushing are better — polyurethane or rubber?

Silent block/ car bushing — a part that connects parts of the suspension and dampens vibrations. Consists of two metal bushings and a rubber or polyurethane insert. Usually car owners are doubts about what is better — polyurethane or rubber silent blocks? Let’s compare polyurethane and rubber bushing Polyurethane products make the suspension stiffer, which makes the car feel good on …

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When and why your Car need Computer Diagnostic

Computer Diagnostic

Computer diagnostics of a car is a process in which reading trouble codes on the main systems, erasing these codes and their subsequent correction can be done. Dealer scanners, car diagnostic tools and other systems are used for computer diagnostic. Modern car diagnostic tools and software allow you to read and detect the slightest changes in the operation of engine …

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How to buy used BMW 7 series in good condition

BMW 730d xDrive

BMW 7 Series in the body E65 has accomplished a revolution in technology and design. Sooner or later, in the life of every fan of this cars, the time comes when dreams become true and you decide to buy used BMW 7 Series. Not everyone has competent friends close by who want to travel half a city in search and inspections of potential car to buy. This article is for those who decided to inspect and choose used BMW 7 themselves and everyone who wants to refresh useful information in it. Here we will try to talk about the most important and basic points that you need to pay attention to in order to choose the good used BMW 7 series. 

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What happens when water goes in car engine

Motor oil can be considered the “blood” of the engine. The stability of the motor depends on its composition, in many respects. That is why car owners are advised not to neglect timely oil changes during vehicle maintenance. With the active operation of the engine, especially if the car is not new, various elements can get into the oil. Quite often, engine oil mixes …

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Do you need to change the springs every time you replace the shocks

Unfortunately, even in the twenty-first century, the general condition of roads in the world is far from perfect. Broken asphalt, potholes and other irregularities slowly (and sometimes quickly) destroy our cars.  Shock absorbers (dampers) and springs are the main parts of the chassis that are responsible for mitigating shock when the car is moving. Do I need to change them at …

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Three Reasons For Steering Wheel Shakes

A shaking steering wheel is an annoying experience and may easily wreck your plans for the day. One may be wondering what the cause may be, but once you get that jerking feeling from your steering wheel, this could mean that there are specific issues that may require immediate attention. The steering wheel connects the driver to the car so …

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Five Ways to Make Sure you Get What you Pay For at A Quick Lube Shop

With the promise of providing while you wait, no appointment necessary oil changes for low prices quick lube shops have gained a reputation for providing quick service. Along with this quick service they have also gained a reputation for pushy sales tactics and sometimes questionable work. We have listed the five best ways to ensure you get great service the …

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All you need to know about ball joints

ball joint

As amazing as it may sound, the way your vehicle steers into and out of corners has a lot to do with how we are built as people. To make the wheels turn left or right, a steering system uses a ball joint similar to the one connecting your hip to the leg. Of course, bone tissue isn’t used in …

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What mean inscriptions on your tires?

Car maintenance is an essential part of car ownership, and one element that gets a lot of car owners confused is tire reading. If you take a look at your car’s tires, you will notice a lot of numbers on the sidewall. Knowing how to read these numbers and understand their meanings can give you a valuable insight into your …

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