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What happens when water goes in car engine

Motor oil can be considered the “blood” of the engine. The stability of the motor depends on its composition, in many respects. That is why car owners are advised not to neglect timely oil changes during vehicle maintenance. With the active operation of the engine, especially if the car is not new, various elements can get into the oil. Quite often, engine oil mixes …

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Do you need to change the springs every time you replace the shocks

Unfortunately, even in the twenty-first century, the general condition of roads in the world is far from perfect. Broken asphalt, potholes and other irregularities slowly (and sometimes quickly) destroy our cars.  Shock absorbers (dampers) and springs are the main parts of the chassis that are responsible for mitigating shock when the car is moving. Do I need to change them at …

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Three Reasons For Steering Wheel Shakes

A shaking steering wheel is an annoying experience and may easily wreck your plans for the day. One may be wondering what the cause may be, but once you get that jerking feeling from your steering wheel, this could mean that there are specific issues that may require immediate attention. The steering wheel connects the driver to the car so …

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Five Ways to Make Sure you Get What you Pay For at A Quick Lube Shop

With the promise of providing while you wait, no appointment necessary oil changes for low prices quick lube shops have gained a reputation for providing quick service. Along with this quick service they have also gained a reputation for pushy sales tactics and sometimes questionable work. We have listed the five best ways to ensure you get great service the …

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All you need to know about ball joints

ball joint

As amazing as it may sound, the way your vehicle steers into and out of corners has a lot to do with how we are built as people. To make the wheels turn left or right, a steering system uses a ball joint similar to the one connecting your hip to the leg. Of course, bone tissue isn’t used in …

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What mean inscriptions on your tires?

Car maintenance is an essential part of car ownership, and one element that gets a lot of car owners confused is tire reading. If you take a look at your car’s tires, you will notice a lot of numbers on the sidewall. Knowing how to read these numbers and understand their meanings can give you a valuable insight into your …

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The Difference Between AWD and 4WD

Everyone understands that vehicles have four wheels. When it comes to safety in inclement weather or issues with performance on a wet or icy roadway, people tend to seek out vehicles with All Wheel Drive or Four-Wheel Drive. However, not everyone understands the basic differences between these two and why one may be better or worse than the other. Basically, …

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Chevy Small-Block Rebuild Time-lapse

Chevy small-block V-8

The Chevy small-block V-8 is an engine that has touched so many lives that, no matter where your car brand loyalty lies, chances are good that you’ve got a personal story about one. It has powered tens of millions of passenger cars, trucks, race machines and boats. Calling it an American icon would not be an overstatement or hype. To …

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How to fix a huge dent in your car at home without paint job

how to remove dents from car

Dents are a fact of life when you have a vehicle. Other people can hit your vehicle with their door or a shopping cart. You can hit deer or other objects. Someone can run into you with their car. Regardless of the cause, many people are severely disturbed to have to continually report the issue with your vehicle and they …

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Keep your car in shape and help it live two lifetimes in car years

Vehicles continue to improve and their life expectancy continues to increase, if you utilize the technology and various tools available to maximize your motor vehicle maintenance efforts. Cars in today’s market can last over 200,000 miles, provided they are properly cared for and the right fuels and oils are used. Installing devices like hour meters can help the maintenance of …

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