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2015 Honda Gold Wing review: Reasons this Might be THE Bike for You

Honda has a well-deserved reputation in the motorcycle world, providing years of reliable memories for those who hit the road on two wheels with the Honda emblem proudly emblazoned on their ride. Many people turn to Honda after trying out other well-known names in the two-wheel transportation arena. They stay with Honda for reliability and the family atmosphere felt by …

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TOP -10 Seven-seater cars in 2015

TOP-10 seven-seater cars in 2015

Below you will find information on the 10 best 7 seater cars that are available for purchase. The variety allows every family choosing something that is most suitable to them; and with the new Honda 7 seater, the choice is just getting better. You probably have not any idea about how many different types of suv that seats 7 are …

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Test Spins for the 2016 Acura ILX: What Drivers can Expect

The luxury car market is fiercely competitive, and by the looks of it, the Acura ILX 2016 has come to play this year and seeks serious contender status for a large portion of the middle-age buyers who flood the market. It might not be as prestigious as models like the new Mercedes GLA180 in Singapore, but it’s climbing its way …

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What is new bmw x3 2015?

The new BMW x3 2015 is a compact crossover. In 2004, it first appeared in the USA due to the extremely fruitful primer of the X5 Sports Activity Vehicle several years earlier. Notwithstanding some faults such as ride and overall build quality, the X3 demonstrated to be popular among drivers. The X3 positions itself as one of the most compact …

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Tesla model S P85D was presented at the Detroit Auto Show

tesla model s p85d 2015

AWD Tesla Model S electric car was presented at the recent Detroit Auto Show. The tesla car has the new dual-motor and the performance-oriented P85D. It was unveiled in the end of last year on the Internet and right away attracted lots of attention.

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