Car Traveling – tips for beginners

One of the most popular type of travel is traveling by car. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is the availability of vehicle and the ability to 100% manage your vacation. If your plans have changed or you just wanted to make a stop, you can easily do this. Car is very appreciated by couples with children who find it difficult to travel by other transport, because a trip by car can be made the least tiring for a child, unlike an airplane or a train.

How to prepare your car for a road trip?

For a successful trip by car, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Reliable car 
    So that an unexpected breakdown on the road does not spoil the vacation, it is necessary to check the car before hitting the road and, if necessary, urgently repair the car, especially if you are traveling abroad. Ideally, you need to contact a trusted service station, where specialists will carry out the full range of necessary work and check the technical condition of the car, as well as fluid levels.
  • Well thought out route 
    Carefully study the road in advance. Ideally, exclude night driving as potentially dangerous. Therefore, on a trip that will last several days, it is advisable to take breaks so that the drivers can eat, take a shower, sleep and relax.
  • Good company 
    This item does not need comments. You need to rest only with those with whom you will be comfortable sharing your vacation. Ideally, such a journey should be undertaken by a large company that moves in several cars. It will be both more fun and safer. It’s good that the person sitting to the right of the driver plays the role of a navigator, and for this you need to be able to navigate the road maps.

What things will make your car trip successful?

Although the three conditions listed above are enough to make your trip comfortable, there are additional conditions that are guaranteed to mean a safe and secure trip.

Compact luggage 
Think carefully about the things you take with you. The luggage compartment has a limited volume, and if all participants of the trip take large suitcases with them, there is a risk that they simply will not fit into the car. Remove all unnecessary from the car, so you also get a little more free space.

Mandatory items
This includes: a first aid kit (check the expiration date of the medicines), a reflective vest, a fire extinguisher and a warning triangle.

Count with a margin how much gasoline you need on the road back and forth. Ideally, take a spare fuel can with you.

If you take food with you on the road, make sure that there are no perishable foodstuffs among it. If you are sick of it, completely give up sweets and stock up with drinking water, as well as mint sweets. Do not forget about wet and dry wipes. It is good idea to have a cooler.

Travel “helpers” 
Atlas of roads and GPS-navigator – this is what will help you quickly navigate on the road and get to your destination without incident.

Hotel Reservation 
If you plan to stay overnight, it is best to take care of this in advance by booking a hotel or hotel on the way.

Documents for the car and insurance 
Prepare a set of documents on the road – these are the rights, current medical insurance, a registration certificate for the car and insurance. Its validity should cover the entire trip.

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