Do you get fun to drive a car?

Most of us love driving. A special status of cars among others features is explained by the emotional component: car buyers like being at the wheel. It seems natural, but still what is really this kind of fun? Why do you like to drive?Trying to classify the different driving pleasures, it’s easy to understand that it all started in childhood.

Easy to move

Everyone loves riding a bike, but most prefer rolling downhill, than ascending the steep hills. Similarly, you won’t meet a downhill skier who likes ascending the mountain.

Mopeds, electric cars and cars allow being independent from relief and headwind. Many people have real fun to drive them. That’s why they make children feel super light during the movement.

If in a variety of daily worries you forget about this aspect, try not to get to work by car, but rather run to it. If you get used to drive for fun to your place of work, running to work will make you feel living in a huge and smoky city.

Easy to move

Aesthetics of the complex mechanism

Most of people start having a special love for cars in the young years, as for objects of technical creativity. It is difficult to describe by words, but it is the feeling similar to love. When you see a car, you feel the special fluids, as if everything about it was great, harmonious. It can be compared to an Arabian horse with a one positive difference – it does not need to be fed.

Ships are huge iron troughs. Aircraft are also trough, but aluminum. Spaceships are made of carbon fiber and titanium, but the essence is the same. Cars are probably the only high-tech product available for people and serving their needs.

Rolls-Royce engine v12

Taming the monster

Many people throughout the world get real fun to drive cars. Of course, all of the above can also be compared to the feeling you had you kissed a girl for the very first time and knew the gasping you were sure could never happen again. This true motoring begins with the first experience, usually on grandfather’s or dad’s lap. It is a feeling of a huge, heavy and reeking of gasoline monster going almost exactly for garage lane brings you ecstasy and makes you to want more. Then you learn how to take off and change the gears, to brake and even perform some tricky «snakes». Finally, you master the art of reverse parking and drive for fun till the rest of your life.

And this feeling remains with you forever, just «snakes» become more complicated. Mastering a car is one of the sources of driving pleasure. That is why many people love cars with a twinkle that challenge the driver and his essence.

People usually pick their own fun cars to drive. Some of them like a spontaneous cruise in the country. Others find their piece of adrenaline from attacking a mountain road.

Many people during regular driving on the usual route often notice some subconscious pleasure of excessive changing gears, like someone scratching my ear.

Perhaps, this is the main point of the driving pleasure, as there is no limit to perfection. Over the years, you start understanding cars better. And cars are getting better. Perhaps, somewhere over there appears a car catharsis when a man and a machine become one body.

fun to drive cars

Roller coaster effect

We like overloading. It makes us having huge fun. It begins in childhood, when a kid asks his dad to throw him in the air, to swing or build a swing of her mother’s bead necklace.

The car is an endless source of overloading. It can bring much fun; cars to drive can be various. If you have a powerful car, then you constantly touch the gas pedal to feel a pleasant pressing into the seat.

We also like speeding — when riding a bike down a steep hill, the wind whistles in the ears. When driving a car, this effect is even stronger.

However, a difference from the previous point is that the roller coaster effect quickly weakens and the dependent people find themselves in the position of drug addiction — they have to spend a fortune on a huge dose of horsepower, and yet the result is less noticeable. They ride a motor-bicycle. They try the water skiing, parachute jumping and other extreme kids of sports. And you would better your make your own list of the most fun cars to drive.

Roller coaster effect

Absolute speed

It is a real fun to drive a car that is not available to everyone, especially because you can fully enjoy it only on the racetrack or good public road, which is rarely found. You also need the right car, the right tires, time and much money.

Such a pleasure somehow reminds taming the monster, but it is more subtle, demanding to the driver. However, if someone is endowed by nature with a racing talent and rich sponsors, this can become the quintessence of a driving pleasure and even a career.

Night High Speed Car Fun Driving


In the USA, the car is a freedom. Americans really get fun to drive cars. A road romance, promising work in another state, a trip across the continent with the pit-stop in Las Vegas… All this is amazing.

There is a theory that all his life a man wants to be free. He wants to grow up, earn money, and become the chief. All this is done to gain carelessness with modern comforts. The desire for freedom is as strong spring, as a desire for greatness. That is why a car is a part of such a dream, because it allows you poking a location on a map and get there in a reasonable time. That is why millions of people on the planet really get fun to drive a car.

Freedom driving

Desire for competition

There is something else that is worth adding to the written above. All of the above is realized under certain conditions. And what entertains us most in everyday life?

However, in real life driving usual driving may get boring. If there are traffic jams, and your car with the «automatic» transmission, you always want to appear in the back seat of a limousine with a notebook in your hands. You also want to teleport somewhere as soon as possible.

Please note that not all cars have to be practical. Moreover, a lot of the time the most fun cars to drive are anything but. Please do not forget that “fun” is a virtual term, which means different things to different people.

But there is still a huge pleasure in the routine motion. The main thing is to set a goal. For example, all people can start seeking out a rapid row and try to identify an average flow. No, they aren’t in a hurry. However, this has become a habit — to try feeling the flow and, due to previous experience and intuition, catch a wave. And driving converts from the simulator to the arcade.

Racing for fun

Why do you like driving?

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