A New Face for Volkswagen: The Sport Coupe GTE Concept is Turning Heads

Seeing a new concept introduced when it comes to vehicles is an exciting and intriguing event. The vehicle gives viewers insight into the plans the manufacturer has for the future, allowing them to show off their idea of what the market will look like very soon. With this in mind, it can be quite the surprise to trade show attendees when they see a new concept hit the floor from a well-known manufacturer that usually isn’t full of off-the-cuff ideas. When it comes to new vehicles, Volkswagen tends to stay within the lines and improve on already impressive designs. This year, however, saw a bit of a change. 

Volkswagen CC Offers Space for Passengers

The All-Wheel Drive, hybrid VOLKSWAGEN SPORT Coupe GTE is a new concept car introduced in Geneva in mid-March. The Volkswagen CC boasts four doors and a hatchback, where drivers can store luggage up to 480 liters. The low loading height and cover that works with the rear seat headrests are additional benefits that are unexpected but a nice surprise.

Volkswagen Sport Coup GTE (11)

The VW Coupe has wood inserts to spruce up the interior of the four-door model, while it has interactive HMIs in the front and rear. The car also makes passengers comfortable with full-width air vents and a surprising amount of headroom in both front and back, despite its low roof. In addition, the technology of the car guarantees each passenger has access to entertainment, with four displays. The Volkswagen GTE has a 10.1-inch screen in the front center, surrounded by climate controls. The second display is a 12.3-inch touchscreen, which is located between the two rear seats. This also has climate controls around it. Next are the two 10.1-inch screens that are mounted on the back of the driver and passenger seats, allowing access to the screens for the back seat passengers on either side. The media library, navigation and even call features can be accessed from any of the four screens.

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 Volkswagen Sport Delivers Visual Excellence

The outside visual impact of the car cannot be discounted with the Volkswagen Sport. The initial attention is caught by the grille, which is wide and bold with an assertive look and headlights integrated. Despite the fact that integrated headlights are becoming a well-recognized concept, the approach taken by the creators of the Volkswagen Sport is new and innovative, providing a new angle on a previously-accepted idea.

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Once a passerby is caught by the look of the grille, their attention continues along the Volkswagen CC, noting 21-inch wheels that are aerodynamically optimized. Exhaust openings in the front fenders, doors and hood also wow the average viewer. An integrated spoiler at the rear is the final touch to create awe in the average walker or even driver heading in the opposite direction. This Concept Volkswagen will definitely get all the attention when it hits the open road. 

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The GTE Sport Coupe integrates accepted ideas with new concepts and shows the world that technology continues to hold a bigger and bigger impact on the benefits of a vehicle as much as within the home. This is a big change for vehicles, but it has been a work in progress since the start of concepts like WiFi integrated into the vehicle for one American car company and various nods to the technology obsession of the current area by all other vehicle manufacturers.

Despite the increase in technology awareness, the primary concern is still providing a comfortable ride with sufficient headroom and storage space for those who plan on long trips or just want comfort for their daily commute. The Volkswagen GTE introduces a Sport Coupe Concept that works all of these expectations into their new vehicle, providing consumers with more than they expected and a lot more than they could have imagined.

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With these details, the Volkswagen GTE Sport Coupe is a great addition to the market for this size vehicle. It competes in the technology arena with remarkable features and manages to provide a great ride and dependability for the actual drive ahead. Driver and passengers alike will enjoy the features and strengths of this vehicle, and passersby will drool with appreciation over the look of the new coupe.

Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE Photos

Source: salon-auto.ch