Why do some cars have the Gas Tank Door on the Left and others on the Right?

gas tank door location

You've noticed that some cars have the fuel filler neck on the right, while others have the left. Why it is such differences? Why cars can not have gas tank door on the same side?

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What is Car Jump Starter and why You Should Have One?

why do i need a jump start

Jump starters are used for emergency start of the car engine when the car battery is discharged. It is an inexpensive and convenient alternative to battery charger or road side assistance.

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Which silent blocks/ car bushing are better – polyurethane or rubber?

Silent block/ car bushing – a part that connects parts of the suspension and dampens vibrations. Consists of two metal bushings and a rubber or polyurethane insert. Usually car owners are doubts about what is better – polyurethane or rubber silent blocks? Let’s compare polyurethane and rubber bushing Polyurethane products make the suspension stiffer, which makes the car feel good on …

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What is the smallest car in the world?

In London, near the “Believe It Or Not!” museum recently parked a car, which immediately became an interesting exhibit in the eyes of passers-by! Peel 50 is considered the smallest car in the world. The length does not exceed 139 cm, the width is 99 cm, and its weight is only 59 kg. The best option for parking and eternal city traffic jams. The first …

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What is a winch for a Jeep?

Anyone who uses their jeep for constant off-road knows the importance of having a winch. Winch on jeep is used so that the car can get out of a deep puddle, as well as to help pull someone who is stuck on the track. Those who often use a Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee, Rubicon or other SUV need to have a …

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3 Best Rooftop Cargo Bags 2020

Roof top cargo bag

Summer has come and we all think about long trips. It’s no secret that going to nature or hiking requires careful preparation and many necessary things. Not everyone has the opportunity to put everything you need in the trunk of your car and here Rooftop Cargo Bags will help. That’s why we doing roof top cargo bags reviews for 2020 …

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